Public beat girls driving Range Rover Car, accused of drink & drive

In Ambala, Haryana, two young women riding a Range Rover collided with a parked car on the roadside, resulting in a horrific accident. The car driver lost his life in the incident, while his wife and 8-year-old daughter were critically injured. Fortunately, a 9-month-old infant survived the accident in the car. This incident occurred on Saturday evening near Mohra Anaj Mandi on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway. It is reported that both women had consumed alcohol.

However, the bystanders surrounded the girls’ car. When the police arrived at the scene, the girls assaulted the female police officers and even tore off their uniforms and nameplates. Currently, the police have taken the girls into custody and initiated further action.

Police Officer asked Have you had a drink or something like that.

She starts to cross-question the officers. Sir, do you have proof, we didn’t drink? Why would we drink? We are from a good family. We have our respect. Our parents have their respect. Why would we disrespect them?

Police Officer Manjeet Kaur explained that due to being intoxicated after the accident, the girls caused a scene on the highway. The police tried to remove the girls from the Range Rover and put them in a police jeep, but these intoxicated girls attacked the female police officers on the way.

The accused girls harassed the police and said she did not provide any information about themselves until their parents and lawyer arrived. With the help of the female police officers, both girls were taken to the Civil Hospital in Ambala Cantonment, where they created a colorful drama.

Subsequently, despite the meeting at the police station, their behavior did not improve, and they started accusing the police officers when they saw the media cameras. The police took the girls riding in the Range Rover to Ambala Canton Civil Hospital.

There, they created a high-pressure drama. after doing a lot of effort Ambala Cantonment Police Station In-charge Ramesh Kumar removed the girls from the PCR van and took them to the hospital for medical examination.

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