Hindu Society in Rajasthan has been turned to a Muslim society, Hindus are forced to sell their properties

Jaipur, renowned for its historical heritage and known as the Pink City, is currently facing a troubling situation in the Shivaji Nagar area of Shastri Nagar. Hindu residents have put up posters indicating their intent to migrate, accusing the Muslim community of harassment. According to the Hindu residents, they are being pressured in various ways to sell their homes, leading to an exodus from the colony. Those who remain are also feeling compelled to leave. The affected Hindus are urging the government to intervene and prevent non-Hindus from purchasing properties in their neighbourhood.

Posters have been put up by some Hindus, appealing to fellow community members not to sell houses to non-Hindus. These posters contain a message urging Sanatanis to halt migration, stating: “All Sanatani brothers and sisters are requested not to sell their houses to non-Hindus. Applicant: Sarva Hindu Samaj.” Residents who brought their complaints to the local police station expressed concerns about the safety of their sisters and daughters. They alleged that individuals from a particular community are occupying lands and facilitating further occupation.

According to residents, no one listens to their concerns. “We have complained earlier also but no action is being taken by the police. The police itself is removing the posters. No action has been taken by the administration.” People allege that Muslims do not allow Hindus to go out of their homes, break the glass of vehicles, or riot at night.

The government also needs to take strict action on such incidents, so that every citizen can have the right to feel safe and respected in his country with his religion and religious beliefs. Information about this matter has been shared by the Twitter handle Mr. Sinha. After watching the video, users have shared many types of reactions.

A user writes, “Are Hindus liberal or cowards? Whatever they are, they need to be strong now, their existence is in danger.”

Another user writes, “I blame Hindus, why did they sell houses to Muslims? simple. Many colonies in Hyderabad were very traditional only Hindu colonies, later generations sold it to non-Hindus who paid 30 to even 50% more and left, they occupied. We left them occupied, simple logic. Hindu’s greed is killing Hindus.”

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