“Class 12 student pleads with folded hands for life, then this white tiger finally gives him 5 minutes”

This is the only picture in which the whole story of the last five minutes of his life is told. On Tuesday afternoon, a 22-year-old youth suddenly falls into the enclosure of a white tiger in Delhi’s zoo. The name of that six-year-old tiger was Vijay. Now both Maqsood and Vijay were face to face inside the enclosure. There was no sign of hope. In such a situation, Maqsood just makes the first and last attempt. He folds both hands in front of the tiger and then for five whole minutes.

He keeps his hands folded like this till he is out of breath. It is known that the tiger does not understand human language. The gap was only a few inches. So, this was the last way to save his life and he folded both hands in front of the tiger. these two hands for about five minutes.

The man sat in front of the tiger with bated breath. The tiger gave him five more minutes of life and after five minutes the picture changed. The tiger did not agree. He showed his animal nature. Five minutes later the tiger pounces on him. He grabs his neck in his mouth. And takes him running and throws him at a place. Now the tiger sits near his dead body. Hundreds of people were present in Delhi Zoo like every day and was present among them. Maqsood, 22, a resident of Anand Parbat area of Delhi.

Class 12 student Maqsood was near the enclosure of the white tiger at that time. According to the eyewitnesses, Maqsood was standing near the fence for some time, then suddenly he does not know what happened that he climbed over the fence. After climbing over the fence, his balance may have deteriorated or his shoes slipped, due to which he lost his balance and fell directly into the tiger enclosure on the other side. Well, whatever be the reason, till that time the tiger was roaming inside the enclosure. But as soon as Maqsood fell inside, the tiger’s eyes fell on him.

the tiger immediately reached close to Maqsood. Meanwhile, witnessing this scene, the onlookers started crying. Now both Tiger and Maqsood were face to face. No one had the guts to go inside the cave and no zoo staff was there to save Maqsood from the tiger. Seeing the tiger very close to him, Maqsood’s life was stuck. People were still watching this scene with bated breath. Some Were also taking photographs. But after five minutes suddenly a stone fall near the dam.

There were screams everywhere in the zoo. It was around 01:00 in the afternoon. Everything was going on in Delhi as well when suddenly a man named Maqsood was mauled to death by a tiger. At the same time a person pelted a stone and thinking that the stone would scare the animal away from there. But later instead of running away, he comes back and kills Maqsood. The question arises whether something like this can be done on the spot. Due to which Maqsood’s life could have been saved.

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