“Dead man returns home, 27 days after family performs his funeral rites”

Can a dead person ever be alive? People of one area of Delhi are puzzled by this question. Here, a person is killed. Police recovers the body and then the family members identify it. In the locality, hundreds of people mourn after seeing the dead body, and after the last rites, the immersion of the bones is done till the Tervi (thirteenth day of rituals). But exactly after 27 days that person comes back home.

The wife is surprised to see her husband in front of her eyes. She is fainting because of fear. The children are running away seeing their father coming near. Seeing her son in front of her, this mother started crying bitterly. And the younger brother could not believe his eyes. But the question is what is the matter with Dharam Singh. Why is anyone running away seeing him? Somebody is fainting. And no one can believe their eyes. After all, why Dharam Singh has become an illusion despite being among everyone.

So, the answer is that Dharam Singh is dead. But in spite of this, he is not only standing in front of everyone’s eyes with all his hands and feet perfectly safe. Rather talking like any other human being. And is also surprised by the environment around him. Now you must be thinking how is this possible. The person who is dead Whose family members have performed the last rites with their own hands. His ashes have been immersed in Garh Ganga with all the rituals, the same person suddenly appears in front of everyone safe and sound.

He did not die a common death, but he was beaten to death among hundreds of people on the allegation of theft. And then when the turn came to identify the dead body, the family members saw that just like Dharam Singh, one tooth of the dead body was broken and one finger was cut off.

How the habit of drinking increased this ruckus. If he had called his family members beforehand, perhaps the story of his life and death would not have been so long. But why didn’t Dharam Singh do this? He was angry because of the quarrel with his family members regarding the habit of drinking alcohol. At last, everyone and the family members of Dharam Singh came to know the truth of his being alive. Obviously now Dharam Singh’s family will be very happy to get him back.

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