Srilanka Govt to launch research project on “King Ravana” to find his ancient aerial routes now lost

In a significant development, the government of Sri Lanka has issued a newspaper advertisement urging people to share documents, books, and research material regarding Ravana, reported News 18. 

Sri Lanka’s aviation authority has said it will lead a research project to study the mythological character Ravana’s “aviation routes”.

The advertisement was issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation. According to the epic, Ravana was the ruler of the country during the era of Lord Rama.

Reportedly, the Sri Lankan government has announced that it will conduct in-depth research on Ravana and the aviation history of the country. Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka is set to start a research project on “King Ravana and the ancient domination in the aerial routes that is now lost”. 

The Sri Lankan government believes that Ravana used an aircraft named Pushpak Vimana over 5000 years ago. Pushpak Vimana was the first aviator in the world built by Vishwakarma. Ravana had used the aircraft while abducting Sita from Bharat to Lanka, according to the epic.

When contacted, a legit at the Authority said the mission sought to deliver out with an authoritative narrative approximately King Ravana as “there are numerous testimonies”.

Asked why the Civil Aviation Authority become helming the mission, the legit — asking now no longer to be named — said: “We are the primary aviation regulatory authority in Sri Lanka. Since there are a couple of testimonies through the years approximately Ravana flying aircraft and masking those routes, we need to have a look at this matter.”

Shashi Danatunge, the former vice-chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, informed that the government has ‘irrefutable facts’ to prove that Ravana was the first person to fly an aircraft. “King Ravana was a genius. He was the first person to fly. He was an aviator. This is not mythology; it’s a fact. There needs to be detailed research on this. In the next five years, we will prove this,” he was quoted as saying.

Recently, the island nation launched a satellite to outer space as a part of its first space mission. The satellite was named as ‘Raavana.’ In a conference last year in Katynayake, archeologists, historians, scientists, aviation experts and geologists concluded that the ‘moble king’ flew from Sri Lanka to India 5,000 years ago.

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