This Website will Pay You Rs 82,000 to Watch all Fast and Furious Films, read details

Fast and Furious is an immensely popular action movie franchise that announced its arrival in 2001. Since then, it went on to draw the attention of the fans. Basically, the series primarily focuses on street racing, heists, and several other criminal activities.

The characters who are involved in the series often find themselves in tricky or dangerous situations, which makes the series worth watching. When the movie was announced, it was titled “The Fast and the Furious”.

Since then, the franchise has expanded to include several characters and many more stunning and shocking stunts. The actors did take risks for most of the action or stunt scenes. Later on, their movies became increasingly popular.

This Website will Pay You Rs 82,000 to Watch all Fast and Furious Films, read details

Moreover, the Fast and Furious franchise has famous worldwide, minting billions of dollars at the box office and attracting a massive fanbase.

Meanwhile, a website has offered to pay a sum of 1000$ which is around Rs 82,000 to anyone who can watch all ten films in the Fast and Furious franchise.

According to a report in CNN, FinanceBuz, an informational site that offers money-related tips and recommendations, is trying to find a “Fast and Furious claims adjuster” to watch all 10 movies of the global action franchise featuring Vin Diesel.

The press release on the website reads, “Ahead of the upcoming release of Fast X on May 19, we’re looking for someone to watch all 10 movies in the Fast & Furious franchise. That’s more than 20 hours of the NOS-fueled saga, during which you’ll track damages from all the car crashes. Our team will use your findings to estimate the insurance impact of the franchise’s reckless driving.”

US-based applicants can apply by May 19, and the winner will find out by May 26!.