Ankit Gupta recalls Casting Couch incident, calls it ‘worst experience of life’, here’s what happened

Ankit Gupta is a popular Indian TV actor. The 34-year-old is best known as “Parth Kashyap” in Sadda Haq. Besides that, he is also known as Garv Priyom Thakur in Begusarai.

The talented actor got a major breakthrough role “Fateh Singh Virk” in Colors TV’s Udaariyaan. For the unversed, he appeared in Bigg Boss 16 as a contestant in the previous year.

He further mentioned that in the past, fans used to claim that each and every star they launched had to make some sacrifices in order to attain their current position, the reports added.

He went on to refer to the whole situation as the worst experience of life. Moreover, he also claimed to have been really shocked to see it and also attempted to explain to the other person that he couldn’t do it because he was not that kind of guy in the first place but the other person was very curious of it.

Ankit Gupta recalls Casting Couch incident, calls it 'worst experience of life', here's what happened

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, the Bigg Boss 16 contestant recalled the shocking casting couch incident and also added that he was told by someone that “compromise is quite common in the entertainment industry.

“Yahan toh compromise karna padta hai. See Ankit aise toh kaam nhi milta hai na industry mai. We have launched several people. They used to take the name of biggies, stating that many celebs were launched by him”, he said.

Ankit Gupta said, “I am not into guys and even if I am, I cannot do this. It was my worst experience.” Nonetheless, after Ankit turned down the person’s sexual advances, some influential people asked the actor to let him touch it.

The actor further added someone told him, ‘Okay, you don’t want to do it but at least let me touch it. Upar se hi hai. I was shocked and said to myself ‘What is happening?’

The casting couch is a practice of asking for sexual favours from a job applicant in exchange for a job in the entertainment industry, especially acting roles. The casting couch originally referred to physical couches in the casting office. This practice is termed illegal in the United States.

Male casting directors, as well as, film producers use the casting couch in a bid to extract sex from ambitious actresses in Hollywood, Bollywood and other segments of the cinema industry.

Several actors in the Indian film industry have been a victim of sexual harassment. Time and again, actresses have spoken up against the casting couch and harassment. Previously, #MeToo movement hit the headlines which exposed some popular names from several professional fields across the country.