Zareen Khan makes a shocking revelation about casting couch, catch details

Zareen Khan is a popular Indian actress and model who is primarily working in the Bollywood film industry. The 35-yeara-old has also appeared in Punjabi, Telugu and Tamil movies.

From 100kgs to 57kgs Zareen Khan gives us major body goals. Zareen was often body-shamed in the Bollywood industry after her movie, ‘Veer’ alongside Salman Khan however, she condemns body shaming and has spoken against it on many occasions.

She is regularly seen posting her fitness journey and her workout routines on her social media platforms to keep her audience motivated. She has previously stated in an interview that she does not believe in dieting and does not restrict herself from eating anything. Her diet plan consists of high protein diets which include vegetables and juices. 

Zareen Khan makes a shocking revelation about casting couch

During an interaction with Pinkvilla, the actress opened up that she experienced casting couch first hand when she was asked to do a kissing scene as a rehearsal. The said person also attempted to lure Zareen into being ‘more than friends’ in order for her to get primary roles.

“I don’t wanna be naming people, in the whole pretext of trying to rehearse a scene, the other person is like you have to let go of your inhibitions, and at time I was relatively very new, so I am like okay,” Zareen said.

She added, “(He said) you know what we will do a kissing scene. I am like what? No, I am not doing any kissing scene as rehearsal. This person is telling me you know we can be more than friends and all and you know then I will specifically look into the projects you are getting. I will make your lead and all. I said no, I don’t work like that,” the actress said.