52-yr-old Pakistan teacher marries 20-yr-old student after rejecting her proposal

Love is life when you completely understand each other. Just like hunger, love gives you wings as well. If you know the difference between ‘Impress’ and ‘Express’, then you are bound to have a great deal of camaraderie with your partner.

We have heard many love stories in the world. Now get ready to go through an entirely different experience altogether which stunned the world. Would you believe that a 52-year-old Pakistani teacher getting married to a 20-year-old student?

Yes, you read it right! We are not kidding. A 52-year-old teacher married a 20-year-old student just a week after initially turning down her proposal. The undergraduate student by the name of Zoya Noor (B.Com) added that she literally fell in love with her teacher.

The teacher in the equation is Sajid Ali and the girl seems to have liked his exceptional personality and which is precisely the reason why she wanted to get married. The Pakistani couple even shared their story with Youtuber and content creator Syed Basit Ali.

The student further explained as to how the teacher was indifferent in the first place but literally came around to opt for marriage with her when she asked the question to him at her college. Nonetheless, it was not to happen without a plain rejection.

“There’s a massive age difference [of 32 years] between us. We can’t marry each other,” Sajid told Zoya after she proposed to him, as per the 20-year-old.

Nonetheless, Sajid told Syed he had no particular reservations about getting hitched to his student. In fact, he had just asked for a week’s time, wherein he started to fall in love with her.

The couple added that their relatives turned down their decision to get married. On the other hand, the 55-year-old teacher was told that he was too handsome to marry her. The girl in her 20s felt that it was the best decision to make.

She implemented knowledge that she gained from her Commerce major with the experience of her teacher and kick-started training for the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA wholesale) program. Today, the couple are earning lakhs of Rupees each month.