Life ruined? UPSC aspirant regrets after 10 years of hard study, he fails to qualify by 11 marks

On the 30th of May, the results of the civil service examination UPSC were announced. Like every year, many people’s hard work paid off this year, but many people’s dreams were crushed. Many unsuccessful candidates will have another shot, but there were a lot of people who missed out on this last chance. One of these candidates, in particular, was only 11 marks away from success on his last visit.

10 years of hard work all gone 

This UPSC aspirant’s tweet has now gone viral. “This was his 6th try in UPSC, but he could not succeed due to his poor score,” said this applicant, Rajat Sambyal, in a tweet (Twitter/@rajatsambial_). In his tweet, he also sent a photo of his mark sheet with the caption, “I missed 11 marks.” Rajat claims that his ten years of hard labor have come to an end.

Multiple attempts 

Rajat has failed the prelims three times out of six attempts, and he has failed the mains twice. In a tweet, he said that he failed in his attempt owing to poor performance in the interview. He missed 11 points.

Rajat got emotional

Many social media users questioned Rajat Sambyal on why people are so fascinated with UPSC after seeing his emotion and anguish. Many students exhaust themselves mentally after several attempts and even pass on several opportunities that life throws at them. Struggling with jobs, finances, and even mental health, cracking the exam is rewarding but at the cost of the person’s academic and life balance. Simultaneously, other social media users recommended he pursue alternative options. Please inform Rajat that he is a civil engineer. Some individuals commended Rajat on his bravery and urged him to be strong and pursue his ambition.

IRS Officer responds to his tweet 

Rajat’s article has gotten a lot of attention, and a lot of people have reacted to it. Vikas Prakash Singh, an IRS officer, responded to him, “You’ve made it to the interview stage, which shows that you’re patient and determined. This will be extremely beneficial in any job path you choose to pursue. Best regards!”

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