Top 7 Tasty snack items in these Railway Stations, you need to try Before you Die!

Most of us love to travel by train. A journey on the train is so much nice where you bump into unknowns and understand others’ perspectives. You tend to make friends with fellow passengers during the journey.

People either order food through e-catering or eat at the railway station. We should know that there are some of the best railway stations in India that are popular for its delicious food. Let’s take a look at it:

Aaloo Tikki at Tundla, Uttar Pradesh

You can find these Tasty snack items in these Railway Stations, check it out!

Do you love Aaloo Tikki? Then you must try it at least once at Tundla in Uttar Pradesh. If you visit there don’t forget to bite these crispy yet soft Aloo Tikki layered with Dahi, onions and garam masala. Yummy!

Rabri at Abu Road, Rajasthan

Rabri, which is served in a clay pot is a mouth-watering food. It is loaded with nuts and other flavour enhancing ingredients.

Chole Bhature at Jalandhar, Punjab

If you love Chole Bhature then don’t even hesitate to book a ticket to Jalandhar and try this recipe. You’ll realise how much worth it is after you eat it. It should be noted that this railway station is at an altitude of 236.520 metres.

Aaloo Dum at Kharagpur, West Bengal

Kharagpur is the world’s third-largest longest railway platform which has an overall length of 1,072.5 metres (3,519 ft). It is also the longest railway platform in India. The platform satisfies the people’s stomachs and Aaloo Dum at Kharagpur Railway Station is just what one needs to satisfy the taste buds.

Kozhikode Halwa at Calicut, Kerala

This extremely good delicacy is so popular amongst people at Calicut. If you ever go to this place, then it is a must-try halwa and banana chips. It will be a different experience altogether.

This Halwa comes in various colours and flavours. Fruits are put in this snack to enhance the flavour. It is a jelly-like sweet made in coconut oil with added nuts, and spices and garnished with coconut.

Chicken Cutlet at Howrah, West Bengal

Who hates chicken? Even the ones who don’t eat them are developing a taste for it. Chicken cutlet is so famous at Howrah in West Bengal. It is soft inside and crispy on the outside. These ever-so tasty cutlets will surely melt in your mouth. It is served with green chutney.

Pazham Pori at Palakkad Station, Kerala

Pazham Pori is a popular delicacy at Palakkad Station in Kerala. The ripe banana fritters is also known as Pazham Pori and it is a superb snack. Palakkad station is ranked the cleanest railway station in Kerala according to a survey conducted by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.