Hindu girl tells how her Sister was brainwashed by Muslim boyfriend, she started hating everyone in the family

A story of another love jihad has emerged from Uttar Pradesh. this story is about a Hindu girl who starts embracing the Islamic faith against her family. A father who devotes his entire life to securing his children’s future without any selfish motives, but one day these children disappoint their father. This story is about such a type of girl.

According to the information we gathered from Sahil, an ex-Muslim, through his YouTube live session, the Hindu girl tells how their elder sister fell into the trap of love jihad. The Hindu girl explains that her sister was studying to become an architect, and her father considered her as his son, not a daughter.

In many places, girls are still not given equal opportunities for education, but her father made every effort to make her capable, going against societal norms. The girl becomes an architect and starts working, which leads to her staying away from her family.

And that’s when she meets an Afghan guy who is 4 years younger than her, gradually getting trapped in the web of love. Slowly, changes start appearing in her, she started hating everyone in the family, and she starts wearing a black scarf and covering her face entirely.

She laughs and starts questioning with her family why they all worship idols, believing that it’s all meaningless. This raises suspicions among her family, and despite their efforts to convince her, she angrily leaves home.

For three years, she stay away from her family for the sake of that guy, denying everything that her father had sacrificed for her. After three years, her father’s health deteriorates, and she is forcefully called back home. By then, she has fully converted to Islam and was fully brainwashed. The Hindu girl reveals how her sister started converting to her religion.

Firstly, she started eating beef and began prayer (Namaz) 5 times a day, changing her Hindu name to Fatima. Her boyfriend used to beat her severely, but still, the girl had a kind of obsession with him, wanting to marry him. However, the boy was not ready for marriage. He called her a coward and said he wouldn’t marry her until she accepted Islam. Even for this, the girl agreed with him to convert her religion.

But eventually, the guy disappears and goes abroad, leaving India. However, the girl is still converted and still wants to marry a Muslim man. She is still away from her family, living with another Muslim man.

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