Did you know? Aryan Khan does not appreciate being referred to as SRK’s son

Did you know? Aryan does not appreciate being referred to as SRK’s son

Aryan Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan, is one of Bollywood’s finest performers. Unlike many of Hollywood’s other lucky kids, Aryan is yet to appear on the silver screen of Bollywood.

Aryan debuted in the Hindi film business in 2001, playing the younger Rahul in one of the most famous films of the time. Aryan appears as a small child who grows up with Rahul in the film’s opening song, played by SRK.

He prefers to work behind the camera over being in front of the camera. He is quietly preparing himself to be launched as the man calling the shots while taking a cinematography and writing course at South California University.

Aryan Khan doesn’t appreciate being referred to as SRK’s son

Aryan Khan is one of the modern-day celebrity offspring who does not wish to extend his fame status to his professional life. He wants to forge his own identity, just like his father did in his own time. Naturally, Aryan does not appreciate being referred to as SRK’s son.

Being a celebrity child is not a matter of joke, especially in today’s society, when many people assume that celebrities have it easy in life and receive whatever they desire. Consequently, they have been slammed by the public, who point out that they have not had the same difficulties as others.

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan is also a dedicated fitness fanatic. Aryan was trained in martial arts and earned a gold medal in the Maharashtra Taekwondo tournament in 2010. He also holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

In addition to his physical prowess, Aryan Khan has a stunning voice. He dubbed the words for Tez’s role in the movie Hum Lajawab Hain in 2004 and received an excellence kid dubbing artist award

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