Muslim man forced to do Sit-ups and say “Jai Shri Ram” by another Muslim, only to make the video viral

A video is doing the rounds on social media in which a Muslim man was forced to do sit-ups, while holding his ears, and to chant the devotional slogan “Jai Shree Ram”. Once he chanted, he was slapped by the perpetrator.

A Facebook page by the name of Mangalore Voice brought the shocking incident to light by sharing the video with a caption “HINDUTVA TERROR ALMOST HIJACKED HINDUISM

The video starts with a man who was being made to do sit-ups holding his ears and forced to say the slogan ‘Jai Shree Ram’.

According to a report by Mumbai Mirror, the video is absolutely real and a middle-aged man from the minority community was indeed forced to do sit-ups holding his ears and was made to chant the slogan in Coochbehar district of West Bengal. Here comes the biggest twist of the story and the perpetrator here is none other than a Muslim himself.

The perpetrator by the name of Apsi Miyan (a Muslim man) had smashed up and tortured the Muslim man, Asgar Ali, and Utpal Das.

After the video spread like wildfire on social media platforms, Apsi Miyan was detained and then produced in a local Cooch Behar’s Tufanganj court.

The case was also investigated by media channel India TV. According to their report, the video was shot on 30th May 2019. Here’s the video report below:

Ever since Narendra Modi-led NDA government came back to power once again after their victory in the general election 2019, several cases have been reported where people from minorities community were being forced to chant the slogan Jai Shri Ram and was even thrashed for opposing it.

However, many reliable sources reported that these infamous claims have been proven false. A few days ago, it was claimed that Madarsa students were thrashed for not chanting Jai Shri Ram in Unnao, UP. However, Unnao police didn’t find any proof or evidence to prove this claim.