Romantic love tales of famous cricketers that will leave you in awe…

Indian cricket team captain Dhoni’s and Sakshi’s marriage was a match made in heaven. Dhoni’s fans barely knew about his love story until his biopic came out in 2016.

Since then, the couple has sparked a heated discussion among commentators and the media. However, there are certain things about the couple, that Dhoni’s fans are not aware of. Continue reading if you want to know how Dhoni befriended her and finally asked her hand in marriage.

Childhood friends

MS Dhoni And Sakshi’s love story will leave you in awe

Dhoni and Sakshi had known each other since they were children since their fathers both worked for the same company. They attended the same school but had little in common. Sakshi’s family relocated to Dehradun later on and they lost contact.

First Meeting

MS Dhoni And Sakshi’s love story will leave you in awe

Almost a decade later in Kolkata, Dhoni met Sakshi at the Taj Bengal, where the Indian team was staying for a match and Sakshi was interning. Yudhajit Dutta, Mahi’s manager, introduced him to Sakshi.

Surprisingly, it was her last day of internship. Dhoni was rather charmed, and when Sakshi left, he took her number from the manager and texted her.

When Sakshi received a text from Dhoni, she mistook it for a joke. Then, she realised that it was indeed Dhoni who messaged her. Mahi had to put in a lot of work to become friends with her.

It didn’t take them long to fall in love with each other and they started dating in March 2008. Captain Cool made sure he made those tiny efforts to keep his love lady happy. When Sakshi went to his birthday party, he took an hour off and dropped her off at home so that he could spend more quality time with her.

Dhoni and Sakshi marriage

MS Dhoni And Sakshi’s love story will leave you in awe

On July 3, 2010, Dhoni and Sakshi were engaged in a quiet ceremony in Dehradun. The media was kept out and the engagement was attended by family members from both sides of the family.

On July 4, 2010, the pair exchanged wedding vows in Vishranti Resort, a farmhouse in Dehradun. Dhoni’s cricket and entertainment associates were a part of it. Many celebrities, including Harbhajan Singh, Ashish Nehra, John Abraham, and Farah Khan, were regarded as baaratis.

Sakshi comes third in his life

MS Dhoni And Sakshi’s love story will leave you in awe

Sakshi tends to stay away from paparazzi, because it is extremely important for Dhoni to concentrate on his performance. Dhoni’s success as a player has also improved after his marriage to Sakshi. Sakshi, he believes, will come in third place in his life. He once said,

“I love my country. I tell my wife she is only the third most important thing after my country and my parents, in that order. The point is that while I am an Indian cricketer I will devote myself to that cause. Cricket is not everything, not by any means, but it is a large part of who I am. Therefore, I want to play in all formats of the game and to play as much as possible because before long it will be over. Then I’ll focus more on the Army!”

He further added,

“Sakshi provides the spark I might sometimes need. Jokes aside, she is the person to whom I have a reference. She is both loving and inspirational. Sometimes she travels with me, but cricket is easier without having to ensure her safe passage. One day, we will see the sights together and she says that then, can she please move to number two on the list of my priorities! But for the moment I am here to play cricket. I have been given this honour to play for my country so I want to see it through.”

Their first daughter Ziva

MS Dhoni And Sakshi’s love story will leave you in awe

Dhoni and Sakshi welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ziva, in 2015. His little angel, along with Mahi’s wife, can be seen cheering for him during matches. Her cute pictures are all over social media.

Their love and affection for each other is no new news; in a picture, Mahi is seen tying her shoelace, while Sakshi has his name tattoed in Devanagari script behind her ear. The couple sportingly attends many events together.  

Untold Love story of Yuvi- his GF rejected his proposal for 3 years before finally saying ‘Yes’

The Hazel-Yuvi love story didn’t bloom easily like most of the love stories. Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has a different tale to tell. Yuvi confessed in the Kapil Sharma show that Hazel was indeed a tough girl to get. Comedian Kapil asked two about their first experience and asked how their love story kick-started.

The cricketer then went on to narrate the whole story and took everyone by surprise when he opened up that Hazel initially wasn’t really impressed with him at all and it took the star cricketer over three tiring years to finally get the ‘yes’ answer from her mouth.

Credits: IndiaToday

Yuvraj says that he invited her for a coffee date and the actress couldn’t say no to him. But she politely switched her phone off, citing that she isn’t interested. Fortunately, sometime later Yuvi came across her Facebook profile and saw one of his friends happens to be their mutual friend (wow, unbelievable).

“I first met Hazel in 2011 at a friend’s birthday and what caught my attention was her delightful smile. As it happens, she wasn’t smiling at me.

But I did catch her attention later that evening; I even complimented her work in the film, Bodyguard,” Singh recalls. As he was pleased that their chat had gone well, he took another step by reaching out to her through their common friend and then what happened next was something out of the box.

“I must have asked her out for coffee seven to eight times, but she kept ignoring the topic! I have been shot down earlier but to be refused so many times was something else – she left me bewildered. I guessed she was dating someone else and decided to move on,” he recalls.

Three years later, Keech passed into his life again. “In 2014, I saw her on my friend Angad Bedi’s Facebook friend list. Surprised that she had become friends with him after just a brief introduction, I told Angad to stay away from her because I liked her. I then sent her a request but she accepted it only after three months.”

“We became friends after knowing each other for three years and three months, and I told her that I had earned a date with her after all these years. This time, she agreed.”

Getting Keech to say yes to coffee was just the start of the tale and Singh devoted some good time on ‘research’ in order to attract her. “I got to know about her work; that she had starred in the Harry Potter films and in the musical, Bombay Dreams. In fact, she was glad to hear that the latter was one of my favourites.”

Yuvraj also clarified that it was not love at first sight for him too. “I don’t believe in it. Love, at first sight, happens when you are 16 or 17 years old,” reveals Yuvraj Singh. Surprisingly, he also says that he was extremely nervous before proposing to Keech last November in Bali. “I really don’t think I am good at romance, so I was understandably nervous,” he confesses.