5 Akshay Kumar Controversies that take his fans and followers by surprise, read details

Akshay Kumar is amongst the top actors in India. He was the first Bollywood actor whose films’ domestic net lifetime collections crossed 20 billion INR. Akshay as an actor is widely acclaimed for his comedic performances, although he has had similar success in romantic and action genres. 

With the sort of character that Akshay portrays, no one expects the actor to be in the centre of any controversy, but the list below would suggest otherwise: 

1. Mallika Dua Controversy: 

Akshay Kumar, after allegedly making an inappropriate statement to Malika Dua in the television show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, was called out on social media by Malika and her father, journalist Vinod Dua, who suggested that the statement had a sexist overtone. 

“Mallika Ji aap bell ko bajao, main ap ko bajata hoon.” 

2. The Runway Fiasco: 

This controversy led to the arrest of Akshay Kumar’s wife, Twinkle, due to an act that was deemed “obscene” by viewers. 

While Akshay was walking the ramp during the Lakme Fashion Show, he walked up to his wife, Twinkle, and asked her to unzip his pants. 

A social worker lodged a complaint about the scene and Twinkle was arrested with a 500 charge for bail. 

3. Rustom Controversy: 

5 Akshay Kumar Controversies that take his fans and followers by surprise, read details

Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle got slammed in a Facebook post by a person identified as Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat after the two declared that the Naval Commanders costume that Akshay wore in Rustom was being auctioned for a ‘good cause’. 

The duo was threatened for supposedly undermining the honour of decorated officers. 

4. Citizenship Controversy: 

Akshay Kumar has been trolled by countless people for changing his citizenship from Indian To Canadian, and then back to Indian again. The actor had been accused of changing his citizenship due to his consistent movie flops and while many were okay with it, a lot of his fans argued that it displayed his lack of Patriotism. 

After receiving much backlash, the actor then decided to change his citizenship back to Indian, but the public suggested that the actor only wants to ‘come back’ because of his recent successful run at the movies. 

5. Good Newz Controversy: 

Akshay was criticized for a dialogue scene in the movie “Good Newz” as netizens felt that he ‘abused’ Hindu deity Lord Ram. 

The clip in the movie shows a man asking Akshay, “Mere Bache ka naam Hola Ram hai kyunki vo Holi pe paida hua tha”, to which Akshay replies “Acha hua apka bacha Lohri pe paida nahi hua”.

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