The Changing Facets Of Cricket In India- a thorough analyzed write-up

Cricket was introduced in India by the British back in the 1790s. Indians played various tournaments against the Europeans. Back in time, several Indians were part of the British team. But the Indians formed a cricket team only in 1932. The team was not too efficient in their initial years. It took the Indian team 20 years to win their first test match. Let us know more about the evolution of cricket in India. 

The Changing Formats Of The Matches

Cricket has not been like the way we see it now. The format of the game has undergone various changes to become what it is today. 

The Changing Facets Of Cricket In India
The Changing Facets Of Cricket In India

Test Matches

Test matches were popularised in the initial days of cricket. A test match was initially played on and on for unlimited overs. It got over only when all the batsmen were dismissed. However, it has shortened to a maximum of five days now. The two teams get to play four innings. Test matches are considered to be the best form of testing a cricketer’s skills.

One Day Matches

Matches with a limited number of overs were first played in the year 1971. However, one-day cricket matches did not become popular until the 1980s. The matches are more interesting as the results come out after two innings. Each innings is played in fifty overs. The ICC World Cup follows the ODI format. 

T20 Matches

T20 matches became famous in 2005. In T20 matches, there are two innings of 20 overs each. The T20 games are highly exciting due to this format. Indian Premier League follows this format of the game. IPL matches are hyped all over the country. Several teams compete in the tournament consisting of both national and international players. At the end of the tournament, one player emerges as the winner of IPL. The best part about IPL is that it brings together the players of different nations together in a team.

All formats of cricket are extremely popular in India. Regular tournaments are scheduled throughout the year. The cricket aficionados in the country show equal excitement for all forms of the game. 

The Betting Scenario

The formats of the game are not the only thing that has changed. Cricket betting was once not seen in a good light. Cricket betting has often led to match-fixing. But the laws on cricket betting have been made more strict. You can now place a cricket bet online as well.

Several Indian betting sites have come into the limelight in recent times. You no longer have to rely on a bookie to place a bet. You can comfortably place bets from your home. But betting involves various risks, and even though you can win big, you can also lose a significant amount. You should research a particular match thoroughly before placing a bet. Having adequate knowledge about the pitch, weather conditions and the teams will increase your chances of winning.

The fact that Indians are passionate about cricket is evident in their active participation on betting websites. Each online betting website has a significant number of registered users on it. The registered users put to use their match prediction skills to participate in betting contests. No matter if they win the bet or lose, they participate in other matches.

If you are new to the cricket betting arena, you can take advice from experts in the field. Moreover, you should choose an authentic website to place your bet on. You should ensure that all the transactions are done in a safe and secure manner. You need skills for cricket betting, but luck also plays a pivotal role. 

Final Thoughts

The game of cricket has undergone massive changes since its inception. But the love of the Indians for the game is on the rise. Apart from changes in formats, the cricket betting industry has also started growing. If you are into cricket betting, place your bet on a reliable website.

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