Sonu Sood to help abandoned mother thrown out by her own Son

“Villain on the screen and hero off the screen” is the best phrase to describe Sonu Sood. One of the most loved citizens in India has helped migrant workers (who got stuck in Maharashtra) by making all possible travel arrangements for them in this nationwide lockdown.

He arranged 10 buses for the hundreds of migrants who got stuck in the city owing to the epidemic.

Meanwhile, some are still waiting to go home to see their loved ones and there are several others who don’t even know where to go which is indeed a sad sight.

Credits: Gulf News

Unfortunately, they have been abandoned by their own family members and are living on the streets with no food and roof on their hands. One such elderly woman is Leelavati Kedarnath Dubey.

The 70-year-old woman was bashed by her son and abandoned and was waiting at a railway station in Mumbai for a train to Delhi. She added that her son threw her out of the house and wants to go to Delhi where her other son lives, but she adds that he won’t keep her in his house.

She wants to return to the national capital and is willing to beg to survive for the rest of her life.

When a woman tagged Sonu Sood in a tweet that had a link to the video depicting her heart-wrenching story, Sonu Sood responded and ensured that he would help her.

“Today will be a special day for her,” he wrote.

As soon as Sonu Sood responded, praises and blessings pourned in from every nook and corner of social media fraternity.

Sonu Sood has also sent as many as 15,000 migrants to their respective homes and bid adieu to many of them.

The actor added that during the current global crisis, “every Indian deserves to be with their families and dear ones.” He also thanked the government officials for all their help in sending the migrants back home. Sonu Sood had not only sponsored the travel but also offered meal kits for the workers. “It was really moving for me to watch these migrants walking on roads including the little kids and old parents. I shall continue doing the same for other states as well to the best of my abilities,” Sonu said.

Sonu Sood offered his hotel in Mumbai as a residential facility to help healthcare workers in this crisis and also provided PPE kits for doctors too. Sonu Sood has once again arranged buses and also sought permission to send 500 migrant workers go home in Uttar Pradesh.