During Job crisis in India, this Class 8 Student starts LED company and offers Jobs to Villagers

The stories of people achieving great things at such a young age are many. We have seen several youngsters trusting their own instinct and doing some spectacular in life. For instance, the school or college dropouts figured out the route map to success. This is precisely the reason why they became super-rich with ease. They believed in themselves and success followed them like a shadow.

Today, we will come across a story of how a 14-year-old boy became a young entrepreneur. At a time when millions of people lost their jobs due to coronavirus lockdown, this class 8 student identified as Amar has been offering as many jobs to villagers. People from every nook and corner of India have applauded Amar.

During Job crisis in India, this Class 8 Student starts LED company and offers Jobs to Villagers

The people in Amar Prajapati’s village in Gorakhpur couldn’t thank the boy enough. Amar came across that several people were in a job crisis and so he himself decided to take some action. He went up to his father with a brilliant idea of starting up an LED manufacturing company. Notably, he also attended a course on LED making conducted by the Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority (GIDA).

“I learnt about unemployment by watching TV and wondered how people would find work. So I discussed the idea of setting up an LED lights business with my father. I assured him of my interest in the business and that I would provide employment to as many people as possible,” says Amar.

At first, the 14-year-old started learning how to make light bulbs. He then perfected the art of making such things by himself. He used to do it all alone by himself at home but then he realized that he needed more space to widely expand manufacturing. This was the start of his company. He set up a LED bulb manufacturing company based in Gorakhpur, while he was only in class 8.

Jeevan Prakash has recruited 5 people and has been offering training on how to manufacture LED bulbs. He also plans to expand the business to make new products from LED lamp poles to solar lamp poles. This will only create more employment opportunities for his villagers. Amar has been changing people’s lives with his ideas. It is good to see him offering jobs in this crisis. Let’s wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.