7000 Engineers, Graduates & Diploma Holders apply for Sanitary jobs

‘Job crisis’ – an apparently disheartening term that has followed Indian youths around like a shadow. They struggle to get a decent job in today’s world, a reality which is hard to accept. Even if they are seen working in some companies, their work standards are of poor quality.

Millions of students study in different colleges with intentions to get a good job. But the reality is that there are a majority of degree holders with no jobs. But this is nothing new as the problem has been existing for a long time. The job searching trend never seems to end here. It is only growing day by day, which is a bad sign. PM Narendra Modi government and opposition are constantly fighting over ‘jobs crisis’ in the country.

In yet another shocking incident, 7,000 engineers, graduates, and diploma-holders have applied for 549 posts of sanitary workers in the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC).

When the city corporation called for applications for the respective posts of 549 grade-1 sanitary posts, 7,000 applicants marked their presence. The interview held and the certificate verification process took three days long.

Once all the process was done, the officials learnt that 70 per cent of the candidates have finished 10th board, which is the minimum qualification required for the post, and most of them were engineers, postgraduates, graduates, and diploma-holders.

Most of the applicants were working jobs that were below their calibre. Since they had to support their families and due to personal needs they were already working at jobs at as low as Rs 5000 – Rs 6000 monthly pay.

Since the sanitary worker’s job fetches an income of Rs 15000 including the working time of 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, the applicants saw this as a chance to have a permanent job and still have time to do other trivial jobs for extra pay.

It has been learnt that Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation has 2,000 permanent and 500 contract sanitary employees working under its rolls.

As per the reports, over 2 crore youths applied for around 1 lakh jobs in Indian Railways whereas two lakh candidates applied for 1,100 constable jobs in Mumbai Police previously this year. The applicants include doctors, lawyers and engineers. Likewise, in Rajasthan, 129 engineers, 23 lawyers, 1 chartered accountant and 393 postgraduates were interviewed for peon jobs.