Whole World laughs non stop after Pak news anchor hilariously explains Formula 1

Pakistan TV news anchors made the headlines for all hilarious reasons over the years. Their antics left the netizens in splits, more often than not. The way or approach with which the news anchors decode or interpret the content to the viewers has left the social media users giggling in the portion.

From ‘Tauba Tauba Tamatar’ to reporting live in flooded rivers, Pakistan has produced some entertaining reporters. What took all of us by surprise when a female news anchor clad ‘bulletproof vest’ in the newsroom. The video of the same had gone viral on the internet.

This literally goes to show that Pakistan has some entertaining reporters. Meanwhile, a recent Pakistani interview video that spread like wildfire on social media was a portion of a popular show, Good Morning Pakistan.

Host Nida Yasir’s explanation of the popular sport “Formula One” left netizens in stitches. In the interview that was telecasted in 2016, Nida asked the guests, “How many people can fit in the car?”

Whole World laughs non stop after Pak news anchor hilariously explains Formula 1

The guests were taken aback by the question as they scratched their heads in confusion. They literally found it really tough to decode the dynamics of the renowned auto-racing event. The video once again went viral on the internet after it resurfaced on social media lately.

The interview kick starts with a Pakistani anchor seated with 2 sharply dressed young men. The news anchor Nida asked “Gari mein kitne log baith sakte hain? (How many people can fit inside the car?)”

Perplexed by this question, one of the boys responded: “Only one driver can fit in the car.” She again asked them, “Have you started with one small car?” To which, another interviewee quickly replied that a single-seater formula racing car can allocate space for only one driver.

The TV anchor perhaps didn’t understand the subject in detail as she had thought “Formula” meant some mathematical model or scientific calculation. “So you have just invented the formula yet? Have you experimented?” she asked.

To which the guests came up with a clear explanation. Despite all that, Yasir totally misunderstood all the explanations and pondered whether the car ran “as fast as the petrol ones.”

The video was shared by a Twitter user and has gone viral since then. Qasim captioned the video “Why this lady didn’t Google what Formula 1 is before the show?”

A Twitter user lashed out at Nida for not getting her research. “So, this is the homework Nida Yasir does before inviting guests on her show,” a lady wrote. Another user sarcastically commented: “Stop bashing Nida Yasir, please. Bro, it’s hard to make a non-car person understand car stuff. I’m damn sure many of us googled formula1 after her Interview went viral. So stop being so harsh,” one wrote.