Video: Students brutally thrash a teacher with a chair at Gandhi Ashram

Stories of teachers thrashing students in India are many. In a shocking incident, a gang of students brutally thrashed a teacher and woman welfare officer at the Gandhi Seva Niketan Ashram in Chak Dhaurahra, Uttar Pradesh’s Raebareli district.

On the contrary, the students allege that teacher (Mamata) was known to make disrespectful remarks about them in class. One student had alleged that she called them ‘orphans’. This was what annoyed the students as they took an extreme step to teach their teacher a lesson.

The whole incident was captured on CCTV and the angry students can be seen picking up her handbag and throwing it. After that, they picked up a plastic chair and attack her with it.

While this was the actual students’ angle of story, Mamata’s explanation for the attack is totally different. She had claimed that her entire attack was planned by the manager behind the scenes who has been harassing her.

The report also claims that Mamata was fired some time ago and had gotten back the job on the intervention of the former district magistrate Neha Sharma. Since then, she adds that the staff has been mishandling her.

“After Neha Sharma was transferred, the manager has been trying to harass me and even planned this attack on me,” ANI quoted Mamata as saying.

Mamata added:”I was locked up in washroom at Gandhi Sewa Niketan by the children. When I talked to authorities about it, they said that children can do whatever they want to. When I went there after two days, I was beaten by the children. I also went to complain to district administration.”

However, the situation was later contained, when a district probation department official intervened the scene, as per Patrika.

In her complaint, Ms Mamata Dubey added that she had been mistreated many times in the past. The police is currently investigating the incident and are yet to issue a statement.