Indore Son buys poison online, kills self by consuming it inside room

Amazon has time and again come under fire for all the wrong reasons. Not long ago, the e-commerce site came under fire for hurting religious sentiments in the country. The company was found selling shoes, toilet covers with pictures of Hindu gods on them.

How can they simply offend communities like that? This is deemed contrary to the spirit of India’s culture and gods. This is not acceptable by any means and Amazon should apologise for hurting the sentiments of people in India.

In yet another shocking news, an 18-year-old youth from Indore (Madhya Pradesh) allegedly ate a sulfas tablet online which led to his death. Upon the complaint of his father, Amazon is preparing to send the notice.

Meanwhile, local fruit seller Ranjit Verma, in a complaint to the cops had alleged that his elder son Aditya Verma (18) ordered sulphas online last month from an Amazon shopping site and on July 29, the official of Chhatripura police station added in a statement.

Shockingly, his health went from bad to worse after consuming it. After this, the concerned youth was admitted to a charitable hospital in the city. Sadly, he passed away on a subsequent day while receiving treatment.

The fruit seller alleged in a police complaint that the e-commerce site illegally supplied poison in the form of sulphas to his son without even verifying the certified documents of the customer. Meanwhile, Pawan Singhal, in charge of the Chhatripura police station said, ‘We have taken cognizance of this complaint and we will send a notice to Amazon to find out the real situation. After its reply, appropriate legal steps will be taken.

Meanwhile, the father of the deceased youth, Ranjit Verma said, “If my son had not been supplied with poison by Amazon, he might have been alive today. We want strict legal action against this company so that online supply of poison by it is stopped and no other father has to lose his son.”

Ranjit went on to add saying that some people were allegedly forcing his son to pay INR 2 lakh due to which he was under stress.