15 Richest families in Asia, their net worth is mind-blowing!

These real-life Asian families own some of the world’s most well-known and wealthy businesses, but they all started from the ground up and have worked hard to get to where they are now. Let us take a closer look at the fortunes and companies of a handful of Asia’s wealthiest families today.

1. Chearavanont Family from Thailand

Chia Ek Chor began his new life in 1921 after fleeing southern China. He moved to Thailand with his family to start a new life. He and his brothers used to sell veggies together at first.

15 Richest families in Asia, their net worth is mind-blowing!

Dhanin Chearavanont, his son, became the senior chairman of Charoen Pokphand Group, a conglomerate encompassing food, retail, and telecom companies, after ten decades. He has a net worth of $31.7 billion (roughly 23,42,93,11,50,000).

2. Ambani Family from India

In 1957, Dhirubhai Ambani, who was the father of Mukesh and Anil Ambani, began his journey with Reliance Industries. From the year 2002 after the death of Dhirubhai Ambani, his sons took responsibility for the business.

Mukesh Ambani, in the current situation, is the fifth most important man in the world, among the world’s largest oil refining companies. He possesses a 27-story villa named Antilla, the world’s most expensive private residence. It now has a net worth of $76 trillion (approximately $56,15,29,80,000).

3. Kwok Family from Hong Kong

The Sun Hung Kai properties trip started in 1972, with a grocery seller named Kwok Tak-Seng. The company currently ranks as one of Hong Kong’s largest property developers.

The three children of Knowk have been responsible for the company since 1990 after the death of Walyer, Thomas, and Raymond. Revenue now stands at $33 trillions (almost $24,38,22,15,00,000)

4. Hinduja Family from India

Parmanand Hinduja began his new business and banking journey in 1914, after which Srichand Hinduja joined the family business in 1952. Four brothers carried on the business for a long time. Hinduja Group.

This family currently possesses property in India as well as in other London cities. This family’s current wealth is $15,1 Billion, or roughly $11,15,86,73,50,000)

5. Hartono Family from Indonesia

The cigarette brand Djarum began in Oei Wie Gwan in 1950. The company became one of Indonesia’s most popular and successful cigarette companies following a great deal of struggle.

His two sons, Michael and Budi began investing in Central Bank Asia in 1963 after Oie’s death, which invests in Central Asia, shaping half of the family’s wealth. Present wealth of the family $31.3 trillion (allocated approximately 23,12,61,61,50,000)

6. Lee Family from South Korea

Many of us know that Samsung began to export fruit, vegetables, and fish from Lee Byung-Chul as a trading undertaking in 1938. In 1969 he started Samsung’s new journey, which has now been converted into one of the best memory chips and smartphones manufacturing companies in the world.

In 1987, after the death of Lee, Lee’s third son, Lee Kun-hee, joined the company. Unfortunately, Lee Kun-hee died in the year 2020 because of a heart attack. The company has now taken over responsibility from the eldest son of Kun-hee, Lee Jae-Yong. Currently total wealth: $26.6 trillion (approximately $19.65,89.96,000)

7. Yoovidhya Family from Thailand

Chaleo Yoovidhya was built in 1956, but later this company was sold. In 1975, the company began to sell the “Red Bull” of a Thai version of Krating Daeng. An Austrian businessman consumed the drink during a business trip and subsequently teamed up with Chaleo to upgrade the company in the market and deliver this drink worldwide.

The rest is history. And history. In 2012, his son became chief executive officer of the TCP group after Chaleo’s death, Saravoot Yoovidhya. The wealth of the company: $24.2 trillion in this situation (around

8. Sy Family from the Philippines

When Henry Sy was 12 years old, he left China and began to live in the Philippines. He wanted a shoe store to be opened. He supported his father to open the shoe store in the first half of 1958 by selling rice, sardines, and soap.

After all of his hard work in 1958, he opened his first shoe store and the company started to engage the company in retail, banking, and property interests. The company currently has approximately 2000 banking branches and nearly 2800 retail stores. Currently the company’s total net worth is 19.7 trillion dollars (around 14,55,40,64,50,000)

9. Mistry Family from India

The grandfather of Pallonji Mistry started a building business with an Englishman in 1985. The group has today’s interests, including engineering and construction, in various business areas. Many places in Mumbai, including the Bank of India Reserve building, were built. Wealth: $22 billion in current annual revenue (about 16,25,32,70,00,000)

10. Ng Family from Singapore

In 1960 Ng Teng Fong began developing and developing property and the organization the Far East, but at the beginning of his life, he worked in the soy factory of his parents and also in the repair of bicycles. He was one of the top businessmen in Hong due to his hard work.

He discovered the sister outfit of Far East, the Sino Group later. At the present, Hong Kong is managed by his elder son Robert, and Singapore is managed by his younger son Philip. Current Revenue Property: $13.8 trillion (almost 10.19,66,13.00,000)

11. Torii/Saji Family from Japan

1899 saw Suntory and found Shinjiro Torii’s first wine shop and liquors of western style. His son is responsible for the company as President and company, which has gone up to a multi-million dollar sum of the interests of alcoholic drinks and healthy food. Nobutada Saji, the founder’s grandson, has recently been in charge of the company. Wealth: $16.3 trillion in 1961 (almost 12,04,38,25,50,000)

12. Chirathivat Family from Thailand

The Central Group began, Tiang Chirathivat left Hainan and began his life in Thailand too. As a small family shop in Bangkok, the firm was established in 1947 and recently, with over fifty subsidiaries, is one of Thailand’s leading private commercial conglomerates. Chirathivat’s grandson now manages the Central Group, named Tiang.
Present assets: $12.9 trillion (almost 9,53,16,16,50,000)

13. Kwek/Quek Family from Singapore

In 1941, in support of his three brothers, Kwek Hong Png began Hong Leong Co. 1941. The company manages operations in a range of industries, from the development of properties and hospitality to finance.

14. Ho Family from Hong Kong

Stanley Ho was licensed with his business partners in 1962 for the start of the first casino in Macau. The ho family now holds multiple casinos and hotels, because of SJM Holdings. Ho’s assets were shared between Pansy Ho’s dad, Angela Leong’s fourth wife, and Lawrence Ho’s son. Property assets: $14.6 trillion (approximately $10,78,77,21,00,000)

15. Kadoorie Family from Hong Kong

In 1880 Elly Kadoorie and his elder brother went to Hong Kong to work in the Sassoons, a familiar Jewish diaspora in Baghdad. In essence, the two brothers set up a brokerage and amassed stakes in banking, property, and electricity generation. CLP Holdings & Shanghai Hotels were among their major investments. Michael is currently running the business, Elly’s grandson. Recent fortune: $16,1 trillion (approximately 11,89,60,48,50,000)

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