This Chinese girl took everyone by surprise with ‘makeup transformation’

Every woman is beautiful in her own way and there should be no competition for the beautiful woman in the world. The word ‘Beautiful’ doesn’t necessarily apply to one’s looks or way of dressing. Beauty is in the way you see it.

We are quite familiar with the fact that how makeup can transform a person completely. Some girls admit that they wear makeup just to impress boys. Whenever there is a party, wedding ceremony, you can spot them with makeups.

Recently, a Chinese girl, who is a university graduate nicknamed “Qi Huahua” took everyone by surprise after she filmed her mind-boggling makeup transformation skills. The video is trending all over the social media platform and this magical transformation left even the people ‘perplexed’.

The video was initially uploaded on a Chinese website called Youku that depicts a girl transforming herself completely by make-up. As you can see in the video, the girl undergoes a drastic change while applying makeup she is witnessing a change in skin tone, the shape of her nose and lips, her eyes, and by the end of the video, she looks like a completely different girl.

After the video became popular, most people are wondering whether the magical transformation is real or fake. Would you take this girl on your first date? Just kidding! 

Feast your eyes by watching this video below: