Barack Obama asks USA students to work hard to compete with India’s Bangalore

New Delhi: In response to Barack Obama’s repeated exhortations for Americans to put in the necessary effort to compete with Bangalore and Beijing, Law Minister M. Veerappa Moily declared on Wednesday that if the American President was right, it was the “world-class” IT sector that Americans should be “afraid” of the city of Garden.

Moily said, “If American President (Barack) Obama is afraid, he is only afraid of Bangalore,” when speaking at a book launch event in this city. He might not be travelling to Bangalore this time, in my opinion. Moily was describing to the audience how, while serving as the Congress’ chief minister of Karnataka, he helped “excellent” Bangalore-based public workers lay the groundwork for the “world-class” IT sector.

We can build an IT industry foundation in Karnataka that is of the highest caliber, according to Moily. And today, our software exports are more than 18,000 crores per year.” He said, “The experiments we have done in Karnataka have been possible because we had excellent civil servants. You give an idea, and they implement it.” The law minister underscored that it is only in India that such “world-class” foundational structures and the construction of manpower are possible.

He said, “Apart from a change in mindset, there is no need for much change. And our civil service system should respond to it.” Obama has repeatedly said that American schools need to ensure that they continue to produce top professionals so that American dominance in human resources continues in this century.

The American President recently encouraged American students to work hard in school, saying that their success is not just for determining their success in school, but for determining America’s success in the 21st century when students from Bangalore, India, or Beijing, China, are working much harder and performing better than ever before.

Last year, while announcing the end of tax incentives for American companies that create jobs overseas, Obama gave the slogan ‘Don’t say Bangalore, say Buffalo.’ Since then, he has mentioned the competition coming from developing countries like China and India and has called on Americans to face the challenge to maintain American dominance.

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