India’s Covaxin is strong enough to neutralise 617 types of Covid Virus: says White House Chief Medical adviser

The whole world is in a state of shock after the novel coronavirus pandemic impacted millions of people’s lives. As the whole world collapsed, the economy and all the major events happening across the globe went rubbles.

The world has seen the biggest humanitarian crisis during its fight with the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 is an infectious disease which is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus epidemic.

The majority of people who contracted the virus infection will tend to go through mild to moderate symptoms and then recover without special treatment. Today, the deadly outbreak disrupted the lives of people, be it health-wise or economically.

While the administrations have sweat and slaved in the time of emergency, the country has witnessed a huge number of deaths, thousands of businesses shut down, jobs lost, global food crisis, and so on.

In addition to the efforts laid by the government, many actors, rich businessmen and other influential people have dedicated themselves to eradicating the virus, making notable contributions to the cause. 

India's Covaxin is strong enough to neutralise 617 types of Covid Virus: says White House Chief Medical adviser

Meanwhile, White House chief medical adviser and America’s top pandemic expert Dr Anthony Fauci came up with good news to all citizens. According to him, Covaxin, which is India’s home-grown Covid-19 vaccine, has been found to neutralise the 617 variant of the deadly virus.

“This is something where we’re still gaining data on a daily basis. But the most recent data, was looking at convalescent Sera of Covid-19 cases and people who received the vaccine used in India, the Covaxin. It was found to neutralise the 617 variants,” he said.

“So, despite the real difficulty that we’re seeing in India, vaccination could be a very, very important antidote against this,” Fauci added.

India’s home-grown vaccine is developed by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the National Institute of Virology and the Indian Council of Medical Research. It should be noted that Covaxin was approved for emergency use on January 3. Interestingly, the trial results indicated that the vaccine has a success rate of 78%.

Replying to a question, Dr Andy Slavitt, White House Covid-19 Response Senior Advisor, echoed that a strike team from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention jetted off to India in order to assist coordinate this response. “We are making sure that we are locating some of the raw materials necessary to create more vaccines in India, which I think is going to be an important help there,” he said.

“We stand with the country of India during this very trying and tragic surge. We are working to deploy resources and supplies, including therapeutics, rapid testing kits, ventilators, PPE, and raw materials, that are needed to manufacture vaccines in India, and the CDC, which has a long history of working with and in India on public health measures, will be deploying a strike team to the country to support the public health efforts there,” Slavitt said.