Girlfriend of Army officer, who did not marry after he was martyred in War

“Ya toh tiranga lehra ke aaunga,

ya tirange mein lipta chala aaunga,

lekin vapas jarur aaunga.”

These lines by Captain Vikram Batra perfectly sums up the spirit with which our Indian Army jawans fight at the border. This is the brave story of Param Vir Chakra Vikram Batra, courageous soldier who displayed an extraordinary tale of bravery in the battlefield. Throughout his career, he was valiant as always. He was never scared of anything that comes in his way. With a primary motive to protect the nation like a ‘shield’ with tones of pride, soldier Vikram Batra was a class apart.

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He was someone who didn’t even hesitate to do his duty even at late nights and sometimes, he didn’t sleep too. This serves as a testament to the fact that he is qualified as ‘real-life hero’. He gave his heart out for the nation and he happily died for the nation. This is why we must adore him to the core. “Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.” – Author Unknown.

There’s no doubt that Vikram Batra was a loyal soldier of this nation, but one of the biggest sources of his willpower was his girlfriend-turned-fiancee, Dimple Cheema. She was the one, who was always there for Vikram as she used to write letters to him and had always supported his patriotism. But not a lot of people are aware of the fact that Dimple had sacrificed her entire life by not marrying anyone else, and is still living proudly as Vikram’s widow.

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The heart-melting love story of Param Vir Chakra Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema will make you believe the power of Love once again. Vikram Bhatra’s story is something which every Indian should want to know. He was born on September 9, 1974, in Himachal Pradesh. In 1995, Vikram Batra met Dimple Cheema for the first time at Punjab University. After a series of meetings, the two had started dating just like any other college-going couple.

However, little did they know that destiny had started writing a love story that will be idolised by people for decades. After spending some glorious months together, Vikram had moved to Dehradun in the year 1996, after he had gotten selected for Indian Military Academy. Well, the distance between the two lovers had strengthened their bond to an incredible level. They used to meet each other, whenever Vikram used to visit Chandigarh between his postings.

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Both Vikram and Dimple were extremely serious about each other, and as a result, four years had passed by in a swing. However, with time, marriage had become a constant topic of discussion between Vikram and Dimple, during their meetings. But there’s one meeting that is Dimple’s most memorable and cherished one from their whole time together.

Recalling the same, Dimple had said, “On one of his visits, I raised the issue of marriage as I was feeling a bit insecure. Without saying anything, he took a blade out of his wallet, cut his thumb and filled my maang with his blood. That is the most cherished moment of my life to date. Then, later on, I used to tease him that he is pura filmy.”

Vikram told his mother Kamal Kanta Batra about his love, he said, “I like a girl and want to marry her, I will introduce her to you.” His mother said that Dimple is still unmarried.

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In the end, the two had decided that they’ll tie the knot, once Vikram returns from the Kargil war. But as we all know, he had sacrificed his life in conquering the Kargil and saving his fellow soldier. On July 7, 1999, Vikram had passed away after he was hit by a bullet in his chest and had engraved his name as one of India’s greatest military heroes. After Vikram’s death, Dimple had decided to live in Chandigarh with the memories that they had made together in those four glorious years in the city.

When Dimple was asked why she had decided to live her life as Vikram’s widow, she had said, “How do I describe a lifetime of memories, though made only in four years of association? I could go on and on, and the memories would still keep coming. Not a single day in the past 17 years have I felt detached from you. It feels as if you are away on a posting. I know in my heart that we are going to meet again, it’s just a matter of time.”

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While Vikram dictates the tale of a soldier’s heart and soul for his nation, Dimple’s incredible sacrifice has reminded us yet again that behind every strong soldier, there is an even stronger woman, who stands with him, supports him, and loves him beyond life and death.

For showcasing best bravery and leadership throughout the course of the combat, Captain Vikram Batra was posthumously awarded Param Vir Chakra, which is India’s highest award for gallantry in battle.

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