Meet 5yr young Presha Khemani, she shatters all world records by naming 150 countries, their capitals, and flags in 4.17 mins

Young talents are one of the best things to have ever graced the world. Be it sports or academics, they have always shown their interest to the fullest in a bid to get the desired result. A 5-year-old girl named Presha Khemani proved that age is just a number by setting world record in naming countries, flags and capitals.

Hailing from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, the talented kid Khemani relished the feat what others can only dream of. Presha Khemani has surprised everyone by naming 150 countries along with their capitals and identifying the flags in just four minutes and 17 seconds. This is truly amazing as she has already set herself as a great source of inspiration for the other kids to follow.

The child prodigy was recently awarded the youngest kids award in the World Records India Book. Presha comes from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Her father is a Chartered Accountant in Pune.

“Our friends gifted a book to Presha during the lockdown looking at her intense interest in geography and in the flags of different nations. Presha developed a keen interest in colourful flags representing countries and continued asking me about the nations they stand for. I narrated her the country’s names and their capitals and she was quick to remember these flags with their countries and capitals,” her mother told IANS.

“Presha, during the seven-week lockdown, learnt about 150 countries, their capitals and their flags thoroughly in a strategic manner. Each week, she took one continent, studied about the countries and the flags of this continent, revised it and so on. Eventually, in seven weeks she was thorough with the names and capitals of different countries situated in seven continents of the world,” her father further told to IANS.

Presha’s mother also has a keen interest in geography. “I saw my daughter inheriting the same interest so I started pushing her to excel in the same domain,” reports The Shillong Times.

The child prodigy’s learning goal doesn’t end at the world record. She now aims to learn the names of currencies, languages and Prime Ministers and Presidents of different nations.

Presha isn’t the only child prodigy doing India proud – recently, an 11-year-old from Chennai has become the latest new table tennis star from India and is a 2028 Olympics hopeful.

In February this year, Hansini Mathan became number one playing under 12 years championships in India and she also won a bronze medal in the 2019 world level table tennis championships held in Sweden.

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