Story of IAS Anupama Singh, she left job of Doctor and cracked India’s toughest exam UPSC

Clearing UPSC exam needs some serious piece of hard work, grit and determination. Students who get started on the path towards achieving their goals always give their heart to pull off something special.

Everyone dreams to clear the Civil Services Exam, but very few are fortunate to crack the exam. Today, we are talking about such a woman named Anupama Singh who cracked the exam in just her first attempt.

This story is quite inspiring. If you come to know the story of Anupama Singh, you will be perplexed for sure. Hailing from Bihar, the 32-year-old woman not only cleared the notoriously tough exam but also secured an all-India rank 90.

Anupama is said to be a doctor by profession and got married in 2013.

“I have practiced at government hospitals for three years. In 2018, I decided to resign so that I can concentrate on my preparation,” Singh said.

Talking about her decision to part from her son and move to Delhi, she said, “My son Anay was 3-year-old when I decided to move to Delhi for preparation. Parting away from my son was the most difficult job I had to do.”

“Study after marriage and kids is tougher than pre-marriage phase. There is a responsibility on one’s shoulder and emotional bond with kid. Unfortunately, my mother and father-in-law was no more, so my husband took care of my son in my absence. My sister-in-law moved to Ranchi specially to look after my son,” she added.

She enrolled herself in a private coaching institute after moving to Delhi in 2018. As she was living alone, she dedicated all her time to studying.

“After classes, I used to read books, newspapers, magazines and prepare notes. I used to interact with my son over video call. I missed a phase of his childhood and his firsts activities. But instead of thinking to return leaving preparation halfway, I used to think that I should focus to achieve target soon for getting back home. Maybe this was the reason I cleared exam in the first attempt,” she said.

She returned home in September 2019 and her son, Anay is 5 years old now.

“My sacrifice paid off today. I can proudly share my UPSC-cracking-story with my son when he grows up,” she added.

A resident Patna’s Kankarbhagh, Singh completed her Class 10 from Mount Carmel High School in 2002. While she graduated in MBBS in gynaecology from Patna Medical and College Hospital in 2011, she completed her Master of Surgery(MS) from Banaras Hindu University in 2014.

After working for two years in the medical field, Singh realised that there is a need for transformation in the healthcare system, which prompted her to take up civil services.

“As a doctor, I was treating patients but improving poor medical system was not in my hand. I wanted to make government medical facilities better and stronger for public and this thought triggered me to get in civil services,” she said.

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