Why was there a Hole in the left shoe of Mohammed Shami? Shane Warn explains the mystery

The Indian cricket team is currently locking their horns with the Australian cricket team in the ongoing and highly-anticipated pink-ball Test game at Adelaide. India lost by 8 wickets in the first day-night test of the four-match Test series.

During this, India scored an embarrassing record and scored only 36 runs in the second innings, which was the lowest. Meanwhile, Mohammed Shami was seen bowling on the ground with torn shoes, a picture of which is doing the rounds on social media.

Yes, you read that right. Shami was wearing a torn shoe on his left foot. Mohammed Shami is one of the most iconic bowlers in the Indian cricket team. His fruitful contributions on the field are widely known to many.

Later, the mystery behind the torn shoe was revealed by none other than the former Australian bowler and cricket analyst Shane Warne. He stated that Shami’s left-toe needs more space when the bowler executes his high-arm bowling action. And thus, in order to avoid any negative impact, the Indian seamer came up with the idea of wearing a torn shoe. Brilliant isn’t it?

Furthermore, Shane Warne highlighted that the torn part allows his left toe to be free while the foot is landing, thus, helping the Indian bowler to execute the delivery flawlessly. He also joked about the whole scenario saying that Shami would never dare to wear these torn shoes while batting as the Australian bowlers might injure him with their stunning yorkers.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing Test match, the Indian batting line-up badly collapsed. Talking about Mohammed Shami’s performance, he failed to pick any wicket but he bowled plenty of dot balls to ensure that his economy remains less than 2.5.

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