Meet always Running Girl Ankita Gaur from Bangalore, she finishes TCS 10k World

So many stories never cease to touch our hearts and you need just one good moment to bring a change to your life and that is either learning from others’ experience or from your personal experience.

Now after reading this story, you will think twice before moaning or complaining about your lavish life.

This is the story of Ankita Gaur, who completed her TCS World 10K run despite being five-month pregnant. She surprised everyone by completing the race in just 62 minutes.

The World 10K Bengaluru is an annual 10 km road running competition. The competition was first held in 2008. The World Athletics Gold Label Road Race is being held from December 20 to 27 via the TCSW10K App.

“This is something I have been doing for the past nine years, almost every day. You know, you wake up and go out for a run. Of course, there are times when you are injured or unwell, you have to take a step back. Otherwise, I have been running regularly for nine years, so this is something which is like breathing for me. It comes to me very naturally,” said Ankita as per a media release.

“Apparently, running is actually very safe. It’s a good exercise to run during pregnancy. Also, if you look at the American Council of Health, it is recommended that if you are a runner, it’s absolutely okay. In fact, they recommend you to run. It is very good for the development of the baby, so of course I wanted to go,” she added on asked about her motivation behind taking part in the event despite her pregnancy.

Ankita, who is an engineer by profession, has been running in TCS World 10K since 2013. She has also participated in over five international marathons, including in Berlin (three times), Boston, and New York.

When asked about her gynecologist’s reaction to her decision to participate in the race, Ankita said, “My doctor said it’s absolutely healthy. In fact, she encouraged me to go ahead and run. She advised me not to run fast. I don’t have any complication, so I was given a green signal to go ahead and do my running. Even my physiotherapist, who has been with me for the past three years, encouraged me to do a slow run because it’s really healthy for me, and the baby as well.”

When asked about her family’s reaction, Ankita said, “Initially, my mother was a little unsure about it. I would say she has always encouraged me to continue with sports. So, when I told her that doctor had given the green signal, she was absolutely fine with it.”

“And, my dad is super supportive, he is proud of me that I am still running, and he’s been a sportsperson himself, so he encouraged me.

“Moreover, my husband has also been absolutely supportive and has been with me all the time. Even when we went to ask the doctor, he was with me. Hence, I would say, I am very lucky in that way.”

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.