Amid farmers’ protests, IndiGo crew had to walk 2 km through farmland to reach on time

Indigo Airlines hits the headlines for all the drama and incidents that are usually not always related to their business activities. Earlier, a woman gave birth to a baby boy on board an IndiGo airlines flight while jetting off from the national capital to Bengaluru. IndiGo airline confirmed the news in an official statement.

The parents were delighted after the baby boy was born enroute on IndiGo’s Delhi-Bengaluru 6E 122 flight. “We confirm that a baby boy was delivered prematurely on Flight 6E 122 from Delhi to Bangalore,” IndiGo said in a statement.

Even the passengers who were also traveling on that flight confirmed the news that a baby boy was born enroute on the Delhi-Bengaluru 6E 122 flight that arrived at the Bengaluru airport around 7.30 PM.

They shared images of the crew members holding the baby boy and the pictures of which spread like wildfire across social media. Meanwhile, the IndiGo crew members are being applauded for helping the woman give birth to a baby on board the flight safely.

As per a report by NBT, the IndiGo airlines announced a lifetime free flight ticket for the child. Soon after the flight arrived at Bangalore airport, the mother and the baby boy were given a grand reception.

This time around, the Indigo airline drew attention on social media for an unfortunate incident.

An IndiGo crew was seen slowly walking through farmlands for 2 kilometres along with their luggage in hand in a bid to reach Chandigarh airport on 8 December, the day of ‘Bharat Bandh’ and the video of which went viral on Twiter.

The Bharat Bandh, called by the disturbed farmers who are still continuing to press their demands against the Farms Bills 2020, affected several commuters in many public places.

The IndiGo crew members were reportedly staying at a hotel in Chandigarh. With cab services in the city were down on the day, they had to walk all the way to the airport.