Meet Ashish who gives free promotion to newly launched start-ups in India, makes free ad videos

It is probably fair to say that 2020 been a tough year for each one of us. People have suffered huge losses then, be it physically, mentally, or financially. Due to this pandemic, many of us even lost our jobs. But this loss also gave birth to many entrepreneurs with their startups. So to encourage, help, and promote such budding entrepreneurs, “Make my Advertisement ” run by Ashish Singh (popularly known as Badalpur ka Ashish) came up with a new scheme, “Pehle Aao Pehle Pao.” Under this scheme, the team of “Make my Advertisement” advertised for 50 new startups with zero charges.

The scriptwriters of the team “Jayki the Voice,” Abhishek Kumar, Yogita Yadav, and Shruti Dixit, along with voice artist Vidushi Rai were also a part of this initiative throughout.

Badalpur Ka Ashish
Badalpur Ka Ashish

Ashish Singh says, “To create your own space in the market the, very first thing you need to do is to make your audience feel your presence, and for that, you’re supposed to show yourself off in the market. So this is where ‘Make my advertisement’ comes into the picture and help you create your presence virtually.” His company “Badalpur kaa Ashish OPC Pvt. Ltd.” cater to all your needs related to voice-overs, scriptwriting, video making, and much more. Besides this, they have satisfied many big brands with their work. In a difficult phase like this, their spirit of helping and growing together is commendable.


Ashish Singh, popularly known as Badalpur ka Ashish, is a self-made artist in the field of Voice acting. Besides being a professional voice actor, he is a voice trainer, anchor, and photographer too. As we all have heard a very famous saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way,” and he happens to be the epitome of it.

He belongs to Betul, a small town in MP; after completing his graduation, he somehow managed to move out of his place for his post-graduation. After being a Post Graduate from Bhopal, he even tried working for companies like Flipkart, Paytm but, an artist can never settle with this neither does he. In the year 2018, without paying heed to any hurdles, he went to Mumbai for professional Voice training, which helped him in being a part of the dubbing industry and voice industry. Besides his national and international freelance Voice-acting projects, he has also worked as a voice-over artist in the Akshay Kumar starrar movie “Kesari.”

Today Badalpur Ka Ashish is not just a name but a registered company that provides you various media services and with the best voice training by none other than Ashish Singh himself. The idea behind his training program is to impart knowledge to more and more students who are not able to afford the premium class facilities and training. Moreover, the team of “Jayki the Voice” is also a part of Badalpur Kaa Ashish, which has a bunch of extremely talented and versatile scriptwriters working for various brands and are excelling in their fields.