Hindu girl who Converted and married a Muslim, tried to end life in Lucknow

It is no secret that some extremist youth from Muslim community are involved in the heinous practice of Love Jihad, an alleged effort made by them only to target beautiful and rich women belonging to non-Muslim communities for religious conversion to Islam by ‘fake love’.

They understand girls’ behaviour and study them completely before utilising emotional appeals by using charm to attract girls into conversion by simulating love. Some Mosques in India are allegedly providing training and fund to handsome boys for the cause.

This infamous concept first came to light in India in the year 2009 with alleged conversions in Kerala and Karnataka. Slowly, it started to spread across all states of India. In a recent incident that took the entire nation by shock, a Hindu woman residing in Uttar Pradesh suffered serious consequences as she fell prey to the trap of ‘love jihad’.

The alleged victim of ‘Love Jihad’ attempted to burn herself and her condition became critical even after police officers managed to douse the flame. After experiencing serious consequences, the woman burnt herself in front of the UP Assembly building in Lucknow. She alleged that her Muslim in-laws denied entry into their residence after her husband left for a Gulf nation for work.

Hindu girl who Converted and married a Muslim, tried to end life in Lucknow
Credits: DNA India

It has been learnt that the woman’s condition is fighting for life and the Hazratganj police admitted her to the civil hospital. The woman set herself ablaze by putting flammable substance all over her body. Her body burnt a lot. As per the information obtained after some basic investigation, the 35-year-old woman alleged that she is originally Hindu but she had to change the religion for her love.

After then, she married the young man identified as Asif. Before marriage, everything was smooth and fine. Later on, things started to change and forced the woman to take this extreme step. Meanwhile, BJP alleged that this is ‘Love Jihad.’ Several videos of Muslim youth have gone viral in which they admit they receive money from mosques to change the religion of Hindus girls using love as their ‘tool’.