China urges India to lift the ban on 118 apps, cries “This is clear violation of WTO rules”

In latest development, China has urged India to lift the ban on as many as 118 Chinese apps. The Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India by the name of Ji Rong labelled the ban by the Indian government as ‘discriminatory’.

Ji Rong went on to add saying that the neighbouring country is pretty much worried and concerned about Indian government’s decision to ban the Chinese apps. The Apps have been completely banned in mobile and non-mobile Internet-enabled devices.

The Centre banned 118 more Chinese Apps including the highest-ever rated app PUBG amid the prolonged deadlock with China at the Line of Actual Control. According to the Union government, both nations were involved in series of activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty, integrity as well as security of the state.

Rong also urged the Indian government to sort out the ban claiming that it breaches the WTO rules. Then he urged to offer open, fair and impartial’ business atmosphere for all market players.

Rong had also maintained that the Chinese government always required its overseas companies to follow the international rules and function in accordance withlaws and regulations.

“The Chinese government has always required Chinese overseas companies to abide by international rules and operate in compliance with laws and regulations. The relevant practices by the Indian government not only harm the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese investors and service providers but also harm the interests of Indian consumers and the investment environment.

Suppression, self-seclusion and restrictions cannot benefit one country’s development. It is the right way to integrate into global cooperation by being open, fair and transparent,” the Chinese spokesperson said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, MEA issued a response as wel. Talking about Centre’s move to ban 118 Chinese mobile apps Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava added that the foreign companies in India will have to follow the rules and regulations laid out by the Union Government.