China’s MSS using ‘Communist ideology’ to brainwash young Indians, turning them against India

How China’s Intelligence agency is a threat to India? China’s low profile spy agency, popularly known as the Ministry of State Security or MSS has always been in the spotlight. With no official website, publicly listed contact and a press office, the MSS is reportedly an effort by Chineese President Xi Jinping to tighten the security forces. Having a conflictual record with India, China has always tried to keep a vigil on India’s naval deployment in Indian Ocean via Sri Lanka. The Communist country has used journalists and ideologues with Marxist bent of mind to conduct their operations in India. Be it keeping a track of the activities of Indian Ocean and submarines  to locating themselves on both sides of the Indo-Tibetan border from Ladakh to NEFA, they have paved a way for catographic aggression(including Arunachal Pradesh in its map) against India.

China has always been on the fore to extract information on missile development and deployment, space research programmes,satellite surveillance, technology capabilities and Indo-US relations. To ensure the on-going process of ideological subversion , they have always focussed on soft targets like journalists, political analyst, defence staff and think tanks of the nation.

Echoing the same view, Soviet Defector and KGB operative, Yuri Bezmenov said, “Ideological subversion is a measure to change the perception of reality to such an extent that inspite of having ample knowledge, the individual fails to find a sensible conclusion. It’s a brainwashing process which involves demoralising  and destabilizing a nation by punging Marxist and Lenin philosophy into their heads.

“The target audience is programmed to think in a particular way. It’s an irreversible process which makes it extremely difficult to change their ideological perception and behaviour. Even real pictures and videos won’t be useful and exposure to true and authentic information does not matter anymore. It takes around 15-20 years to demoralise a nation, a period of time which is used to educate a generation”, he added further. Before we continue, watch the interview of a former Russian agent below…

Following the same footsteps, China is continuously attempting to destabilize a nation, a process which takes maximum of two to five years  by targeting sensitive areas like economy, foreign relations and defence where the influence of Marxist philosophies is high. Explaining further, an expert in Marxist and Lenin progoganda theory Yuri said, “The next step of ideological subversion is bringing the country to a verge of crisis which requires a time frame of only six weeks, followed by violent change of power, structure and economy.

China’s MSS has always conducted intelligence operations in India with discreet and suspicious pattern. In 2018, media reports claimed that a group of hackers in China were involved in cyber spying with the help of Chinese intelligent officers targeting the defence structure of India. Industrial and governmental organisations were reportedly attacked using the APT  system to steal the necessary information using various types of malware programmes. Turning the pages of history, it was also reported that Chinese intelligent agency were even conducting operations in North-eastern states to sponsor revolts.

“The last stage of Ideological subversion is the normalisation which lasts indefinitely. The idea is to promise people false illusions, eliminate free market competition and evolve the concept of dictatorship. It’s the beginning of Communist conspiracy”,Soviet Defector went on to add.

It was also noticed that amid corona-induced lockdown in India, there was a rise in Tiktok videos, which is a Chineese short-form video app. Further investigation revealed that it was intentionally done to distract and mislead a particular religious community. The pattern of videos revealed that the idea was to discourage people to follow social distancing norms and wearing masks to contain the spread of Covid-19. Media reports claimed that the misinformation was spread using Tiktok as a medium to target Indian Muslims. Indian Muslims were allegedly misguided with messages like coronavius doesn’t affect muslims and it is Allah’s NRC.

Primary reports suggest a deeper probe into the possible role of foreign actors in this campaign intended to exploit religious sentiments of Indian Muslims. US President Donald Trump has also blamed China for coronavirus calling it a deadlier attack than Pearl Harbor.

India needs to be alert and highly concerned about Chinese intelligent services. MSS should draw equal attention from India’s counter intelligence organizations like RAW. Experts have warned that time bomb is ticking and we are in a state of war, with disaster coming ahead. There is a strong urge to educate people about the real danger of socialist and communist ideologies.

Government needs to step in and stop aiding institutions which enhance such practices. Adequate measures need to be taken to stop the attack on political dissidents and human rights. Undoubtedly, China’s ruthless and tone-deaf behaviour in the middle of a pandemic and severe health crisis is actually a blessing in disguise for India which has unmasked it’s true face. China’s aggressiveness can help India to unite and emerge as a super power by providing various growth and investment opportunities to various manufacturing units.