Electrician cuts UP Police station’s power supply as he was fined for not wearing helmet

In what appears to be the most brutal tit-for-tat moves, an electrician identified as Srinivas from UP’s Firozabad cut police station’s power supply because he was fined for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike. Hang on! that’s not the full story.

Srinivas was put to a halt by sub-inspector Ramesh Chandra while he was on his way to do duty in Badi Chapeti to repair a fault.

Credits: BCCL/Pic for representation purpose only.

The electrician pleaded the cop only to excuse him one last time because it was an emergency. He even asked him to speak to his junior engineer to avoid further chaos.

“I also made him to speak to my junior engineer on the phone who also requested him to pardon me, but he did not listen,” the TOI quoted Srinivas as saying

However, the cop didn’t listen to his words and instead fined him.

Extremely annoyed with unwarranted fine, the lineman then decided to dig up all the pending electricity bills of the district’s police station and cut off their power supply.

“The cop, along with his associates, started explaining me the rules for violating traffic norms and in return, I explained them the rules and penalty for not paying power bill on time,” Times of India quoted him as saying.

After paying the challan via online, Srinivas asked colleagues to inspect the power dues pending against the Line Par police station.

He had learnt that the police station racked up accumulated bills of Rs 6,62,463 since January 2016.

“On Wednesday, we conducted a re-verification of the pending amount of Line Par police station and found that the police department owes Rs 7 lakh. They haven’t paid a single paisa since 2016,” he said.

For Srinivas who earns just Rs 6,000, paying Rs 500 fine was something large for him, as a result, he couldn’t tolerate it. To make things worse, the electrician realised that the police officials avoid paying electricity bills at all.

So the lineman made up his mind to avenge the fine by cutting down their electricity for around four hours.

While the police had their own opinion. Station House Officer, Sanjay Singh launched a scathing attack on electrician’s decision to seek revenge and said it was uncalled for.

News agency TOI quoted him as saying, “Since 4.30pm, there was no power supply in the police station for nearly four hours. We contacted senior officials of DVVNL against the electrician’s act.”

“Our district superintendent did not spare even 70 policemen who were found flouting the traffic norms, how could we have pardoned the electrician.”

The police official also added that the due amount of bill would be paid soon to DVVNL.