Chinese Stooge and India Hater Nepali PM Oli’s Own Partymen Demand his Resignation. He blames Indian Home Minister Amit Shah!

In a latest development, former Nepali PM and former Chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda along with his senior party colleagues Madhav Kumar Nepal, Jhalanath Khanal and Bamdev Gautam, have together asked for ouster of Nepal’s current Prime Minister and Party’s Chairman KP Sharma Oli. According to sources, Mr Prachanda is upset with PM Oli’s behaviour, and efforts to present himself as a strongman leader of Nepal.

PM Oli has off late been trying to take every decision on his own whether it’s the government or party. This has riled up Mr Prachanda and other senior party leaders. They are also disappointed with his style of governance and its results, not just domestically but also when it comes to foreign policy, as relations with neighbouring India nosedive due to PM Oli’s irresponsible statements.

A member of the party’s standing committee on the condition of anonymity, says that in a meeting held last Tuesday, Party’s senior leadership sought Oli’s resignation due to his unsuccessful style of governance. However, just 2 days before the meeting PM Oli had publicly stated that plans of a coup were being made in India’s capital New Delhi as well as in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu simultaneously.

He said that just because he got the new political map of Nepal that showed Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura as a part of Nepal’s territory passed in both the houses, an attempt of overthrowing his government is being made. Since India has clearly stated that the territories belong to it, citing Nepal’s own historical maps, relations between the two countries. Sources say, PM Oli suspects Indian Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor of India Ajit Doval behind this plan. It ought to be notes that Amit Shah is in charge of domestic affairs of India.

His suspicion might not be entirely misplaced, because of the astute Indian politician’s track record of toppling opposition state governments in India. But according to the standing committee member, during the course of the party meeting Mr Prachanda himself had clearly said to PM Oli, that it was him and not India, who wants him to leave the PMO as well as party’s chairmanship.

Sources say that PM Oli is known to take refuge of nationalist strongman propaganda whenever he has got in trouble. The last time he did that was when he fought an election accusing India of lockdown in Nepal in 2015, which was actually done by Nepal’s own Madhesi population. So blaming India is his trump card which he is trying to use again.However, this time party leaders have challenged him to prove his allegations against them, of colluding with India.

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