Karnataka Govt names newly built flyover after Veer Savarkar, Opposition goes berserk

In a significant development, the Karnataka government has announced that it will name the newly built flyover at Yelahanka in Bengaluru after nationalist icon – Veer Savarkar.

However, the Congress and JD(S) in Karnataka seem to be unhappy with the move to name a flyover in the city after freedom fighter Veer Savarkar. They accused the government of insulting freedom fighters from Karnataka with its decision to name the flyover after Savarkar.

Controversy has now erupted in Karnataka over the naming of the flyover in Bengaluru. The 400-metre-long flyover at Yelahanka was scheduled to be inaugurated by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Thursday morning, but has now been postponed due to fears of social distancing violations. 

On the other hand, the opposition parties in the state – Congress and JD(S) are opposing the government’s decision to name a flyover after the freedom fighter and Hindutva ideologue Veer Savarkar. 

Leader of Opposition and former chief minister Siddaramaiah criticized the move to name the flyover. In a tweet, he wrote, “The hasty decision to name Yelahanka flyover after Savarkar is an evidence to say that the administration is not run by an elected government, but by those behind the screen. Chief Minister are you seeking opposition cooperation for such anti-people decisions?”

Another former chief minister and Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) leader HD Kumaraswamy took a dig at BJP over the decision. He said that naming the flyover after Veer Savarkar would insult other freedom fighters from Karnataka who fought for the prosperity of the state.

Taking to Twitter, HD Kumaraswamy said, “The state government’s decision to nominate Savarkar for the Yelahanka bridge is a disgrace to those who have struggled for the state’s development and prosperity. This will not do good to those who have struggled for the state’s development and prosperity. This will not do good to the state government”.

Defending the decision, Yelahanka MLA SR Vishwanath said, there was nothing wrong in naming the flyover after a freedom fighter who has contributed to the national movement. He said Veer Savarkar was a national icon, who was jailed and suffered punishment for the sake of the country.

He also said the decision of naming has been approved by BBMP and all formalities have been completed and only after that, the naming has been planned. No objection was filed by any opposition leaders in the council meeting, said MLA Vishwanath while speaking to TV9.

“The construction of the flyover started three years ago and for the last two months, we have been trying to procure permission to name the flyover after Veer Savarkar. After suggestions from people, our corporator filed a proposal with the BBMP. The palike has granted us permission to name the flyover after Savarkar,” said Vishwanath.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.