Top 10 Highest-paid CEOs in 2020, their net worth is mind-blowing

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the highest-ranking executive in a company or organisation. They play a substantial role in running the business and they are paid handsomely for their stature. Their primary role is to make major corporate decisions, managing the whole operations as well as the resources of a company.

Almost everyone is curious to know how much the big personalities earn for a luxurious living. The first question we ask is what is his or her total net worth? What’s his or her monthly income? Well, there are people who earn per day, per week and even per hour as well.

Based on the capacity and work ethics, earnings vary from person to person. It doesn’t matter how hard a person works but it’s how you decode even the toughest of things to make it much simpler and qualify the standards of smart work. These credentials would certainly uplift your earnings.

In life, we come across several moments such as good, bad and ugly. Life is a series of choices and the little decisions that we make determine our destiny. These people below are the ones who defied all odds and touched the pinnacle of success.

Let’s take a look at the highest-paid CEO’s in the world.

Rank Net Worth Role and Company
1 Jeff Bezos $129,900 million, CEO & Founder, Amazon
2 Bernard Arnault $106,300 million, Chairman & CEO, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
3 Warren Buffett $89,400 million, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
4 Mark Zuckerberg $79,300 million, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, Facebook
5 Jim Walton $52,800 million, Chairman & CEO, Arvest Bank Group, Inc.
6 Ma Huateng $45,900 million, Chairman & CEO, Tencent Holdings
7 Jack Ma $43,900 million, Founder & CEO, Alibaba Group
8 Charles Koch $42,100 million, CEO, Koch Industries
9 Elon Musk $40,000 million, CEO & Chairman, Tesla
10 Sheldon Adelson $39,600 million, Chairman & CEO, Las Vegas Sands