Meet Anjali, the Brave Nurse who saved 20 Pregnant women in 26/11 terror attacks

The whole nation knows what happened in Mumbai on the dark night of 26/11 as the city faced one of its worst terror attacks in history. 10 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists infiltrated Mumbai by means of a sea route from Pakistan and executed a string of shooting and bombing attacks across the city. The terrorists took over Mumbai for four days as they murdered 166 people and injured over 300.

Several brave policemen put their own lives at risk and fought against deadly terrorists and eventually lost their lives. Chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad identified as Hemant Karkare, Police Inspector Vijay Salaskar, Additional Commissioner Ashok Kamte, Sub-Inspector Tukaram Omble were only a few of notable policemen who will forever be remembered by the Mumbai city.

The chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad, Hemant Karkare who always prioritised duty over anything else was martyred during the 26/11 attacks. Karkare, along with senior police officials namely Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar were martyred outside the Cama Hospital after the LeT terrorists Kasab and his right hand Ismail opened fire on their police van.

Case in point, one of the untold stories from that day was that of this hospital nurse from Mumbai whose fearlessness attitude is worth applauding.

Anjali Kulthe, who is the staff nurse of the Cama and Albless Hospital for Women and Children was on her usual night duty in the antenatal ward with around 20 pregnant women to look after.

She literally had no idea that this night would bring so much terror until she was shocked to see two hospital guards lying in a pool of blood at the hospital entrance. The two terrorists who shot them entered the hospital premises and were approaching towards the ward.

This is when Anjali showed the extraordinary tale of bravery where she quickly ran and closed heavy double doors of the antenatal care ward. In a bid to save unborn lives, she shifted all the pregnant women and some of their family members into a small pantry space in the ward.

The terrorists opened fire from the terrace of the building for a while and building trembled with every explosion.

That night, she alone risked her life several times and alerted a doctor on duty, who then dialled the police to seek assistance and also rushed another injured nurse to the casualty ward.

While she was doing all this by herself, one of the women went into labour. Anjali had emerged from hideout and took the woman to the delivery room on the second floor. She and other doctors helped the woman deliver a baby in a silent room lit with only one tubelight.

In an interview with the Indian Express, Anjali had recounted that moment. “Holding the patieShe became a hero for the world that night, but her courage and bravery did not end there. A month after the attack, she was summoned to the Arthur Road Jail to identify Kasab. After initial reluctance, she agreed and recognised him,” she added.

She also testified against Kasab in the court, but only on the condition that she is permitted to enter the court in her uniform.

In an interview with Live Mint, the woman braveheart spoke about deriving her strength from the uniform.

“Kasab’s lawyer questioned and cross-questioned me. But I answered him confidently and unflinchingly. When I walked out of the court, some policemen saluted me. I don’t think I could have answered so fearlessly and boldly if I had gone in normal clothes,” she added.

The Youth salutes Anjali’s bravery.