A Fan asks Sunil Chhetri to reveal his Netflix password; Netflix replies

If there is one viewership that has seen a staggering increase or growth due to nationwide coronavirus lockdown, then it has to be Netflix India’s viewership. The coronavirus has sabotaged the international calendar of various sporting events all across the world. In addition to that, there are no new movies either.

However, people across the country are binge watching TV shows on Netflix. The video streaming platform is totally making sure that people spend their time by watching quality content and people are choosing the paid membership.

Even today, there is still a portion of Netflix lovers who always ask for streaming platform id and password from others in order to watch the content available on Netflix.

One such Twitter user went so far that he had requested India’s legend Sunil Chhetri to share his Netflix id and password. It was the Indian footballer himself who has shared this through Twitter.

Meanwhile, Netflix learnt about this quickly and replied to Chhetri’s tweet.