Newborn tested positive for Coronavirus, becomes youngest victim of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has now claimed the lives of over 5,000 people – around 3,000 of them in China. To make things much worse, the virus has infected more than 1.6 lakh people globally across 114 countries. World Health Organisation (WHO) had announced that the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, outbreak as a ‘pandemic’. The announcement was made just months after the deadly virus infection spread from China’s mainland Wuhan.

In a shocking development, a newborn baby in north-west London has become the youngest-ever victim of the virus infection that has spread to every continent across the world apart from Antarctica.

The mother of the newborn had rushed to the North Middlesex University Hospital days before giving birth over fears she caught pneumonia, The Sun reported Friday.

Shockingly, the coronavirus test came back positive just after she had given birth as her baby was tested minutes later.

They are currently being treated at different hospitals as health care professionals investigate whether the baby had contracted the illness while in the womb or after birth, the outlet added in a statement.

The baby still remains at the hospital while the mother has been moved to a specialist infections hospital.

In early February, another infected mother in China gave birth to a baby who was also confirmed to be infected with the virus, as per British media reports.

London’s cases are increasing steadily with 136 people being treated for the coronavirus in the capital. Meanwhile, Scotland recorded its first coronavirus death after an older patient with pre-existing health conditions passed away.

India reports first death linked to Coronavirus; confirmed cases of COVID-19 surpass 80

India has recorded its first death due to coronavirus, the officials confirmed the news.

The 76-year-old man from the southern state of Karnataka who had returned from Saudi Arabia on 29th of February after a month-long visit passed away linked to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The state’s health minister also added that the people who came in touch with the person were being traced and quarantined.

So far, there have been more than 80 confirmed cases of the virus in India according to the health ministry.

The 76-year-old passed away on Tuesday but his test results were made public on Thursday.

Officials also added that the old man was screened at the airport when he arrived from Saudi Arabia but showed no symptoms at the time.

But he had breathing difficulties on 5th of March and was subsequently taken to a hospital.

India has taken significant steps to stop the fast-spreading distance.

Meanwhile, all schools, colleges and movie theatres in the Delhi, will be closed until 31 March in order to help control the spread of the virus, the city’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Thursday.

It is also to be noted that several departments of the government have been coordinating India’s response to the deadly outbreak. In a media press conference on Thursday, officials said there was no need to panic.