Neha Dhupia finally replies to netizens who trolled her over comments of 5 boyfriends

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia has put herself into trouble after defending a girl who cheated on her boyfriend with five other boys. 

One of the contestants of the reality show told Neha Dhupia that he slapped his girlfriend, who was cheating on him with five other boys. On this, Neha slammed him for beating his girlfriend. After which people started criticizing her for supporting the girl and abusing the boy. 

Dhupia’s behaviour invited several people to troll her and a lot of people have criticized her for targeting the boy. The Bollywood actress is now facing a lot of problems and there seems to be no end to problems. 

Tumhari Sulu star has finally broken her silence and took to social media to share a post, wherein she called adultery a moral choice. She wrote, “Cheating is not something I stand for, and it is unfortunate that I have been misrepresented for the same…but what I do stand for is women’s safety.”

Targeting the boy Dhupia said that he has no rights to slap a girl and if she is dating five other boys that is her choice and maybe she felt threatened by her own boyfriend. Neha is showing her anger for this on social media.

Taking to Twitter actress Dhupia revealed that I have been a part of the Roadies reality show for the last five years. I have raised my voice against violence whenever I needed, but nothing is going right in my life from some time. I do not fear to raise my voice against violence but it is my bad luck that I have been taken in the wrong way.

She further said that For the last two weeks, not only my page but my family, friends, and teammates are also receiving abusive messages. My father’s WhatsApp is also full of derogatory messages. Even people are making abusive comments on my daughter’s page and this is not acceptable at all.

Neha said, “I am strongly against physical abuse. Whoever it is, I will always stand against it”. Many memes have been made on Neha and here have a look at some of those.

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