Hotel staff assaults Zomato guy for arriving 20 minutes late, Spine fractured

In a shocking incident that stunned the entire nation, a 25-year-old delivery guy from Zomato was thrashed ruthlessly by the hotel staff for being 20 minutes late to pick up a tea parcel in Bellandur.

The delivery guy identified as Jagadeesh who ran through the worst experience in his life as he had a hairline crack in his spine. He was badly hit with potato crates. In fact, he is the sole breadwinner of his family.

However, his main problem is now that he may be bed-ridden for some months since the doctor advised him not to ride two-wheelers for some time. The only earning member of the family, Jagadeesh needs to take care of his health now and it is indeed a worrying sign for him and for the family.

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Jagadeesh earns somewhere between Rs 1,000 and 1,700 a day as a delivery man. He had even purchased a new bike with good mileage for his job recently.

On Sunday, at around 9.20 am, Jagadeesh received an order on his phone from Zomato that he had to pick up tea parcel from The Flying Cup Restaurant at Bellanduru Gate, on Sarjapura Road and then deliver it to a customer.

According to Zomato’s guidelines, delivery executives have around 45 minutes to collect and deliver the food package. Jagadeesh added that he took a 20-minute stop for breakfast.

Meanwhile, the hotel staff criticised Jagadeesh for coming late and had complained that the tea had become cold.

“As per the company’s guidelines, we have 45 minutes to collect and deliver the food package,” said Jagadeesh. “The restaurant staff asked me to wait for another 20 minutes, but I saw that the disposable tea flask was kept on the side,” Jagadeesh told Bangalore Mirror.

The delivery man then told the restaurant staff that it was time for him to leave and then went to take the tea flask when around three of members thrashed him ruthlessly. They took the extreme step as they used potato crates to thrash him on his back and after which he fell down.

After experiencing immense pain, Jagadeesh could not get back up and he called his friend. His friend rushed to the restaurant and then took him in an auto-rickshaw to a hospital.

With Inputs From Bangalore Mirror.