Pregnant Woman carried for 12km to Hospital, Baby dies on the way

Not many people have all the facilities in their locality. During emergency situations when there is no ambulance facility, it is quite to difficult to imagine when the victims are not admitted to the hospital on time. Due to this reason, many have faced casualties.

Recently, bleeding pregnant tribal woman was carried on shoulders for delivery in Andhra Pradesh. There was no ambulance facility nearby in the area and the relatives had to carry the 25-year-old Jindamma, on a stretcher that was made out of a bamboo pole, sari followed by a cane basket. According to the New Indian Express, the journey took about 30 hours.

Credits: India Today

The woman was suffering severe pains and she gave birth to a baby boy on the way. But, unfortunately, the baby died before she could reach the ambulance on time.

Dr Siva Naga Jyoti learnt that the woman was in a bad situation because her placenta had been retained in her body. “She was very febrile and anaemic. Her placenta was removed and a blood transfusion was given to her yesterday night. The patient is stable now and recovering well,” she added.

Laxmisha, project officer for the Integrated Tribal Development Authority, affirmed that the incident took place on Monday evening. “There is no road access. We were told by local health officials that an ambulance was waiting at the bottom of the hill, so the woman could be taken quickly to the hospital,” he told NDTV.

The National Human Rights Commission has recently issued a notice to the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh government, calling for a detailed report within a month.

“We have sanctions for 440 roads over 776 km long at a cost of Rs. 219 crore in the Vijayanagaram tribal area but this is pending because we need more funds for machine cutting,” the officer explained.

The tribals belong to Vizianagaram region and for so many years, there hasn’t been any improvement when it comes to development.

Politicians on TVs claim that they are willing to do anything and everything for the people. But on ground level, the truth is entirely different. There are hardly any roads in the village. Ambulance facility should be given access to all the villages in India to avoid danger.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.