Bengaluru traffic cop gets President’s Police medal for catching 680 drunken drivers

Traffic Police officers are one of the major reasons why people are free from danger while carrying on a road trip in India. They are people’s friend when the rules are being obeyed. It is not so easy to do this stressful job because traffic policemen stand under the scorching sun to help people follow the traffic rules. To be able to do the work even during holidays, weekends and under extreme weather conditions makes them a class apart.

Their main purpose is to ensure people’s safety and a free flow of traffic to prevent the number of road crashes and thus saving lives as well. Spending most of their time outdoors is something that traffic policemen are used to. Also, they have to be pretty much focused on their work as well because it demands longer concentration.

Among the 19 police officers from Karnataka who were honoured with the President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service on Republic Day, K Venkatesh is a traffic cop from Bengaluru who caught as many as 680 drunk drivers during his five-year-long service in the traffic division.

Credits: The News Minute

Currently posted as an assistant sub-inspector at Basavangudi police station, K Venkatesh was among the 14 traffic cops from across the country.

“Several people indulge in the offence hardly realising their drunken driving would put many others lives at risk as well. In fact, traffic cops like us ensure those lives, including the ones who drive under the influence of alcohol, are saved once we catch them for the offence, not allowing them to drive further,” he added in a statement.

Venkatesh had collected a colossal Rs 1.3 lakh as penalty from traffic violators during 2019 alone and also claimed to be the highest collected by an officer from Basavangudi traffic station limits.

The 50-year-old officer has also been instrumental in controlling traffic and working with his team to make sure there is a free-flowing vehicular movement in traffic-dense areas in the city.

Venkatesh had dedicated the award to his colleagues in the traffic police force and his family for their immense support.

There are other police officials from Karnataka who won the President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service on Republic Day 2020:

B N Oblesh, SP, K M Mahadeva Prasad, Commandant, M G Pampapathi, ACP, H N Dharmendra, ACP, S T Chandrashekara, Dy. SP, Shankar M Ragi, ACP, C Siddaraju, Dy. SP, A G Kariappa, Dy. SP, Sangappa S Hullur, Dy. SP, AV Lakshminarayana, Dy. SP, B G Shankarappa, PI, B S Sathish, PI, Babusingh H Kittur, PSI, K Venkatesh, ASI, S Sukumar, ASI, Rajkumar, ARSI, P S Shivakumar, HC, G C Nanjudaiah, HC, R Ranganath, HC