Manipur woman makes Organic soaps and raises money for Education of Orphans

Amid corruption, political fights and illegal activities happening in and around the country, there are good people in every nook and corner of the country who are giving it back to society. To be honest, there is no better feeling than helping others and doing a bit to society. This kind of attitude is what sets us apart from most others who hardly bat an eye on bringing a change in people’s lives.

Good samaritans have always taken a step ahead to help the people who come from the economically backward sections of society. Now, meet Manipur-based June Rose Vaphie who is giving absolutely everything to help those in need. She is showing the world how even a small scale business can help turn the pages of poor children’s lives. This sums up the essential June Rose for you.

As per an ANI report, June Rose Vaphie is known to be a social worker and a very successful entrepreneur. She is working hard day and night for the cause of educating children from humble backgrounds via her business. She makes organic soaps and raises money for the education of orphans. Her organic soaps are said to be non-toxic and are sold in the market at the cost of Rs 150 to Rs 250 each piece.

Credits: ANI

Her business venture started in 2017 and there is no looking back since then. Her organic soaps are much better than the current soaps being sold in the market. Her soaps are good for skin as it doesn’t have too many chemicals.

“The main reason why I started soap-making is commercial soap is not good for my skin. When I look at the content of the soaps there are so many chemicals, so I started thinking if there can be soaps without that many chemicals and which will be good for my skin,” said June Rose Vaphie.

June uses her creative ideas of making soaps from natural oil extracts, extracts from fruits, and natural herbs like lemon, rose, and aloe vera. As reported by ANI, June said that these natural elements have so many benefits on health and also it nourishes the skin. Her soaps come in different shapes, sizes under the brand name ‘Luxury Soothe handmade soaps’.

June made use of the social media platforms to advertise her soap products and eventually, it bore fruit. Whatever money she earns from her small business goes in assisting orphans who don’t have access to education.

June said, “I see lots of poor intelligent people especially children who cannot go to schools whose parents cannot afford their education. I am doing my bit with my own pocket money in helping those children for their education.”

June started her schooling career at Standard English School and graduated from GP Women College in English in 1989.

She became a member of the State Women Commission, during which she stumbled upon several downtrodden families and children who were deprived of their rights. “I started this initiative last year in the month of September.”

In fact, she received positive feedback from the customers so far. “The initial investment is around 1-2 lakhs but I keep on procuring the raw materials, additives so I would say I haven’t really started making much profit,” added June.