Rajasthan Town turns into a snowy wonderland, check out the best pictures

In a surprising turn of events, the state of deserts, Rajasthan was greeted with a hailstorm. There was a layer of snow over the sand and now the desert appears like a winter wonderland.

Situated between Jodhpur and Bikaner, the town of Nagaur received countless hailstorm turning the entire town snowy white.

Netizens called it as ‘winter wonderland’. The streets, roads and highways were covered in hailstones, in what seemed straight out of foreign countries.

Locals, passersby were astonished to see it and they couldn’t believe it at first sight. Thrilled by it, they took snaps and posted it on social media.

If you have planned to pack your bags to fly to Switzerland in the interest of enjoying your winter special holidays, you might consider changing the plans if you take a glimpse of pictures which are attached below.